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Barry Aldworth

Barry Aldworth

Every offseason brings some weird stories but this year. With all the coaching changes and what was possibly the most analysed draft of all time, due to the lack of an elite quarterback and the presence of Manti Te’o (No-one’s quite sure if his girlfriend is moving to San Diego

So after having my old twitter account hacked I’ve been forced to set up a new one aldworth_barry, so for random musings, sports tid-bits and whatever else comes into my head follow me. Now onto more pressing matters! With less than 7 days to the 2013 NFL Draft, rumours are

Following their first year in the NFL, most players are forced to contend with what’s become known as the Sophomore Slump. No. 1 overall picks and 7th rounders who just make the roster alike, when NFL teams gain more film on you it is very difficult to continue producing. Despite
Tyler Eifert and Manti Te'o

Every year the NFL Draft throws up some surprises. We’ve seen 6th round guys become greats of the games and sure things flame out almost as quickly as they arrived. The Draft is many things but predictable is not one of them. With that said what are the potential shocks

Given the weak quarterback group in this year’s draft class, it’s a good time to be a free agent qb. However one of the more interesting stories from this year’s offseason is that Jamarcus Russell is attempting a return to the NFL. BleacherReport has been following Russell’s comeback attempt and

Every year 32 NFL teams face the same problem after the Combine. How do you differentiate between an elite prospect and a workout warrior? Matt Jones, Vernon Gholston and Tye Hill are just a few examples of players who showed up at the combine but not really anywhere else. So

In the build up to last year’s NFL draft there were only 2 possible choices for the number 1 pick. However as time progressed, and following RGIII’s decision to decline an interview with the Colts, the speculation faded out until it ultimately disappeared. 2013 is proving to be totally different

To the winner go the spoils, the Vince Lombardi Trophy. However the only downside to winning the SuperBowl is the fact that you wind up picking at the bottom of each round of the draft. What’s even worse is if you lose in the SuperBowl, no silverware, no glory and

Super Bowl Sunday has come and gone, and as the only staff member to pick the Ravens to win I’m declaring myself the new senior writer for this site. (Only joking Ross!!) As ever the game came down to the performances of a few players. Some made or at least

Barry Aldworth looks at what the Baltimore Ravens need to do to beat the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII this Sunday.