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Stephen O'Brien

Stephen O'Brien

The Houston Texans have it all to lose now. They are 8 – 1 and are the most convincing team in the League.

Twitter has gone into meltdown over the replacement referee issue. Websites all over the world have an opinion and issue with the seeming lack of competency in the NFL officiating core. I agree. They are in way over their heads and are putting themselves and the players in danger. The

The Seattle Seahawks surprised many NFL pundits and fans when they decided to make Russell Wilson their starting QB ahead of Matt Flynn. Flynn was seen as the most able and ready QB after sitting behind Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay and breaking Packer records for TD passes in his

This season in the NFL has been ridiculous already. No, I’m not talking about the shambolic refereeing decisions; I am talking about the entertainment value. We have seen Jay Cutler shoulder his O Lineman in sulky fashion. We have seen Ponder embarrass the 49ers by beating them in week 3.

Green Bay’s defense last year was terrible. That is an understatement. Green Bay displayed one of the worst defensive performances the League has ever seen last year. They gave up a horrendous 411 yards per game last season.

When the New York Giants and ESPN contact you to supply them with NFL information and stats, you’ve made it. Neil Hornsby has made it. He is the founder of Pro Football Focus and his company grades every NFL snap and play. He has compiled detailed information on every player

Arian Foster is not just a football player. The man who has been branded ‘the most interesting man in the NFL’ is not only a record breaking running back, but a scholar and family man. There is a heart warming video of Arian in a press conference where he breaks

Preseason means nothing. Well, preseason kind of means nothing. It all depends on the way you look at it. You certainly can’t look at team that wins the game and say; that team is better than the other. Let’s face it, the Browns beat the Packers 35-10 and I doubt

  Neil Reynolds really needs no introduction but I am giving him one anyway. If you are in any way interested in the NFL on this side of the pond, then you likely know who Neil Reynolds is. Neil Reynolds is, by far, one of the leading experts on the

Every sport has a silly Pundit. Gary Neville has already had his fair share of humorous gaffs and quotes. The Olympics offered more questionable analysis this summer that went viral. It is not only those commentating on the sport that are gaff prone. The players come out with some real