The Replacement Referee Debacle

Twitter has gone into meltdown over the replacement referee issue. Websites all over the world have an opinion and issue with the seeming lack of competency in the NFL officiating core. I agree. They are in way over their heads and are putting themselves and the players in danger. The issue I want to address is the one of the dispute. It is over money and I think they should be paid. The reasons why they should be paid are clear and simple. Continue reading “The Replacement Referee Debacle”

Breaking News: Russell Wilson becomes the first QB in NFL history to throw a game winning interception

The Seattle Seahawks surprised many NFL pundits and fans when they decided to make Russell Wilson their starting QB ahead of Matt Flynn. Flynn was seen as the most able and ready QB after sitting behind Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay and breaking Packer records for TD passes in his game against the Lions last year. We all questioned Pete Carroll’s judgement and now do we look foolish. We had no idea of what this Rookie QB was really capable of. It seems we all pay too much attention to arm strength. We put too much emphasis on accuracy. Decision making, audible calling, defense reading and taking care of the football are all well and good, but when you possess the secret skill that Wilson has; all of these things become trivial. Russel Wilson can throw an interception on a Hail Mary and get you a TD. Continue reading “Breaking News: Russell Wilson becomes the first QB in NFL history to throw a game winning interception”

The Music City Miracle – Version 2

This season in the NFL has been ridiculous already. No, I’m not talking about the shambolic refereeing decisions; I am talking about the entertainment value. We have seen Jay Cutler shoulder his O Lineman in sulky fashion. We have seen Ponder embarrass the 49ers by beating them in week 3. We’ve seen the longest kickoff return in NFL history by Stefan Logan for the Lions. Drew Brees and the Saints are now at 0-3. But the area that most delighted me was the innovation this season by Special Teams. Continue reading “The Music City Miracle – Version 2”

Stephen O’Brien interviews Pro Football Focus’ Neil Hornsby

When the New York Giants and ESPN contact you to supply them with NFL information and stats, you’ve made it. Neil Hornsby has made it. He is the founder of Pro Football Focus and his company grades every NFL snap and play. He has compiled detailed information on every player in the NFL and provides this information to journalists, fans, media outlets and even NFL teams. I got the chance to speak with Neil about his fascinating business, his thoughts on the NFL and what we can expect from him in the future. Continue reading “Stephen O’Brien interviews Pro Football Focus’ Neil Hornsby”

Stephen O’Brien Interviews Abdul Foster

Arian Foster is not just a football player. The man who has been branded ‘the most interesting man in the NFL’ is not only a record breaking running back, but a scholar and family man. There is a heart warming video of Arian in a press conference where he breaks down in tears over his multi million dollar contract. He tells a story of how his mother sold her wedding ring just to put food on the table and his tears are in the joy of knowing that he will be able to provide for his family. It is this grounded, down to earth attitude that has shocked onlookers. How can a man with seemingly endless talent, a big contract and all that fame not have an ego the size of Texas? Well, after I spoke with Arian’s brother Abdul, I realised that this is just the way the Foster family operate; this is who they are. Continue reading “Stephen O’Brien Interviews Abdul Foster”

NFC North Preview

Preseason means nothing. Well, preseason kind of means nothing. It all depends on the way you look at it. You certainly can’t look at team that wins the game and say; that team is better than the other. Let’s face it, the Browns beat the Packers 35-10 and I doubt anyone who knows remotely anything about the NFL would back the Browns in the regular season. In fact, I doubt anyone would back the Browns to win more than 5 games this season. Sorry Browns fans.

Continue reading “NFC North Preview”

NFL-Ireland’s Stephen O’Brien Meets Neil Reynolds


Neil Reynolds really needs no introduction but I am giving him one anyway. If you are in any way interested in the NFL on this side of the pond, then you likely know who Neil Reynolds is. Neil Reynolds is, by far, one of the leading experts on the NFL in Europe. He is a columnist, author, analyst, TV presenter, radio pundit, Britbowl presenter and family man. He was heavily involved in NFL Europe and was asked to set up NFLUK. He has interviewed the who’s who of the NFL including Tom Brady, Wes Welker, Ray Lewis, Brett Farve, Joe Montana and many other legends that are contained in his book Pain Gang. I was lucky enough to chat with Neil about his career and his thoughts on the NFL and here is what the great man had to say about it all.

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30 Funniest NFL Quotes

Every sport has a silly Pundit. Gary Neville has already had his fair share of humorous gaffs and quotes. The Olympics offered more questionable analysis this summer that went viral. It is not only those commentating on the sport that are gaff prone. The players come out with some real clangers too.  So, surely there must be some real gems in the NFL? I went searching and discovered that when you have a sport where people get beaten around the head; there will be some odd quotes as a result…
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