IAFL 1 Strength of Schedule

The IAFA 1 schedule is with us (see it here) so we gave it the same treatment as the SBC and ranked the schedule.

Lets referesh the rules; we assigned a number of points indicating how hard that particular team is to play. The higher the points the harder that team is to play. This number was mainly based upon where this team finished last year or indeed the Division they played in and any modifiers we think are worth adding on or taking off a point for and we’ll explain those as we go. So here is the IAFL 1 rankings

Belfast Trojans 2nds
2015 Final Rank: 10 points. Stomped all over IAFL2
Modifier less clear because the Trojans 2’s weren’t in this division so we’ll explain our choice to give them 10 points. They’re still allowed use some of their seniors and past behaviour being the best indicator of future behaviour, the IAFL1 can expect to see some very experienced very talented Trojans players this year. Also they have a pretty decent record of producing hugely effective rookies….Jonathan Siri anyone?
Total: 10 Points

West Dublin Rhinos
2015 Final Rank: 10 Points. Last in SBC
Modifier 0. Last in SBC is 1 position higher than top of IAFL 1. The Rhinos are founded on mean defences and now with former Defensive Coordinator Robbie Andrews at the helm, expect recommitment to this policy. Also, this division has been won for the last few years by teams relegated from the SBC.
Total: 10 Points

Waterford Wolves
2015 Final Rank: 10 Points. IAFL 1 Champions!
Modifier -1. The Wolves won the division but when presented with the opportunity to play SBC football once more, they sighted concerns over their ability to fulfil that schedule. IAFL1 and SBC have the same about of games so that concern has to still hold true.
Total: 9 Points

Cork Admirals 
2015 Final Rank: 9 Points. IAFL 1 Runners Up
Modifier 0. The Admirals sauntered through most of last season, with Steve Hayes racking up record numbers. When injuries hit and teams maybe spotted a weakness in Cork and upped the physicality they faltered.
Total: 9 Points

Meath Bulldogs
2015 Final Rank: 8 points. 3rd place
Modifier 0. Bulldogs missed out on the IAFL1 final they were hosting after losing to Waterford following a late season surge.
Total: 8 Points

Tyrone Titans
2015 Final Rank: 7 points. 4th Place
Modifier 0. The Titans started well last season but limped home after a number of key injuries. Definitely  have the quality to be better but they will need to stay healthy.
Total: 7 Points

Louth Mavericks
2015 Final Rank: 6 points. 5th Place
Modified 0. A new name and a new direction? Maybe. The Mavs keep showing progress but still trail the top of the division by a small margin.
Total: 6 Points

Westmeath Minotaurs
2015 Final Rank: 5 Points. Last Place
Modifier 0. The Minotaurs will be the first to tell you they regressed last year but have made some internal changes and broadened their base looking to reverse their fortunes.
Total: 5 Points

South Kildare Soldier
2015 Final Rank: 4 Points. Runner up in IAFL 2.
Modifier 0. Still some way to go to get to the performance levels of perhaps the Titans & Mavs but a step up in division will move them in the right direction.
Total: 4 Points


Remember just like the SBC we are going to add a point of difficulty for every back to back week of play and deduct a point of difficulty for every 3 week break.


Weakest Schedule
Belfast Trojans! Strength Score: 54.
The Trojans are one of the hardest ranked teams, can’t play themselves and only play the Rhinos once, don’t play Waterford or Cork.

2nd Weakest
Waterford Wolves. Strength Score: 56.
Don’t play the Trojans and play low ranked Minotaurs twice.

7th Ranked Schedule
Cork Admirals. Strength Score: 58
Double header with Waterford will be the toughest challenge, by the numbers, for Cork this year. Double header vs lowest Ranked Soldiers and no game vs Trojans.

6th Ranked Schedule
Westmeath Minotaurs. Strength Score: 61
Wolves and Soliders are the double headers for the Minotaurs, a Trojans game bumps up the difficulty somewhat.

5th Ranked Schedule
South Kildare Soldiers. Strength Score: 64
The back and forth between the Soldiers & Minotaurs might be one of the highlights of the season in this division. Games vs the Trojans and Cork will make it tough sledding for the Soldiers.

4th Ranked Schedule
Tyrone Titans. Strength Score: 65
Double header vs the two top teams, Trojans & Rhinos. A single game vs the Bulldogs could determine so much this year, like last year.

Tied 4th Ranked Schedule
West Dublin Rhinos. Strength Score: 65
Double headers vs the Titans & Bulldogs make this schedule a bit harder than the numbers suggest. No games vs the two lost ranked teams and an outing vs the Trojans will test the Rhinos promotion hopes.

2nd Strongest Schedule
Meath Bulldogs. Strength Score: 67
The Bulldogs get all the teams ranked above them and a double header vs the Rhinos. Winning promotion will be tough for the Bulldogs who’ve been banging on the ceiling of the IAFL 1 for a few years now.

Strongest Schedule
Louth Mavericks. Strength Score: 68
Double header vs the Trojans skyrockets your difficulty levels, but the Rhinos, Wolves & Admirals showing up in the schedule won’t help matters. The Mavs have the strongest schedule this year and will find it tough to push into the top half of the division as a result, they seem up for the fight though.

IAFA Strength of Schedule

The IAFA have announced their schedule today (see it here) and we sat down and wildly speculated to bring you the 2016 Strength of Schedule.

First off, the rules; we assigned a number of points denoting how hard that particular team is to play. The higher the points the harder that team is to play. This number was mainly based upon where this team finished last year and any modifiers we think are worth adding on or taking off a point for and we’ll explain those as we go. Here is how the Shamrock Bowl Conference ranked.

Belfast Trojans
2015 Final Rank: 10 points. SBC Winners!
Modifier: +1. 1 loss in 4 years is no joke and you’ve got to wonder if some teams are beaten before the opening kickoff.
Total: 11 points

2015 Final Rank: 9 points. Runners up
Modifier -1. The loss of Rob McDowell, Alex Gurney & Dan Finnamore would devastate any teams ambitions.
Total: 8 points

UL Vikings
2015 Final Rank: 8 points. Defeated Semi Finalists
Modifier 0. The UL train seems firmly on the right track. Reputed some talented additions in their Rookie Group but we’ll see.
Total: 8 points

Dublin Rebels
2015 Final Rank: 8 points. Defeated Semi Finalists
Modifier 0. The Rebels recruited well during last season and if anything should be stronger again this year but still to be seen.
Total: 8 points

2015 Final Rank: 7 points. Defeated in the wildcard round
Modifier 0. A new coaching set up promises to kick on the very talented UCD roster.
Total: 7 points

Craigavon Cowboys
2015 Final Rank: 7 points. Defeated in the wildcard round.
Modifier 0. The Cowboys pulled some unexpected results out of the bag last year and were unlucky to not win more. Peter Loughran ever the X-Factor for this squad.
Total: 7 points

North Kildare Reapers
2015 Final Rank: 6 points. Missed the play offs on a tie break.
Modified 0. The Reapers missed the playoffs on a tie-breaker, which is unlucky but teams must be ranked!
Total: 6 points

South Dublin Panthers
2015 Final Rank: 5. Two wins & 3rd worst record
Modifier 0. The Panthers improved on the previous season so this season will see if momentum can be kept up.
Total: 5 points

Carrickfergus Knights
2015 Final Rank: 4. Same record as the Panthers but a loss to the Dublin side saw them slip below them in the overall rankings.
Modifier 0. The Knights will be the first to admit they under performed last year. They have a large squad and a committed coaching staff. We don’t expect this ranking again.
Total: 4 points


Before we give you the final ranking of the strength of schedule. We are going to add a point of difficulty for every back to back week of play and deduct a point of difficulty for every 3 week break.


Weakest Schedule
Belfast Trojans! Strength Score: 55.
The Trojans are hardest ranked team, so by virtue of not playing themselves and only one occurrence of back to back game weeks. It’s not surprising their schedule ranks the weakest.

Tied Weakest
UCD. Strength Score: 55.
UCD also don’t have to play the Trojans. They do have 3 back to back outings so will make things a touch harder.

7th Ranked Schedule
Craigavon Cowboys. Strength Score: 57
With a double header against the lowest ranked Knights and another game vs the 2nd lowest ranked Panthers drops the overall rank of the Cowboys schedule.

6th Ranked Schedule
South Dublin Panthers. Strength Score: 58
A double header against the Knights and will bring the Strength Score down slightly but 3 back to back outings push it up a bit.

5th Ranked Schedule
Carrickfergus Knights. Strength Score: 59
5 games against last years play off teams and 3 back to back weeks. Not that we considered it in our formula but they’ve also got 3 long trip to Leinster in a row.

4th Ranked Schedule
North Kildare Reapers. Strength Score: 60
Reapers only play 2 games against non playoff opposition from 2015. Midseason vs the Knights and last game of the year vs the Panthers.

Tied 4th Ranked Schedule
Dublin Rebels. Strength Score: 60
The Rebels only have 1 back to back out but they’ve to play the Trojans twice and UL on the closing day of the season.

2nd Strongest Schedule
UL Vikings. Strength Score: 62
The Vikings have 1 back to back week and 1 three week break. So this is all about the opposition they face. Opening the season vs the Trojans, closing it vs the Rebels and 2 games against Trinity. The Vikings only play one non playoff team from 2015, the Reapers who missed it on a tie-break.

Strongest Schedule
Trinity College Dublin. Strength Score: 63
Twice vs the Vikings, once vs the Trojans and Rebels. 3 back to back weeks and a tricky opener vs UCD. Missing some of their mainstays from the past few seasons, getting to another Shamrock Bowl is going to be a big ask for Trinity.

Inter Varsities 2015

On November 7th, The U.L Vikings host the annual inter varsities, the college championship for Ireland. This year it has four teams competing U.C.D , Trinity , The Cork Admirals and also the home team Vikings.

Both semi finals kick off at 11.00 a.m on Maguires field, where Trinity and The Vikings will compete for a place in the final. On the other side you have U.C.D, reigning college champions, facing off against the Cork Admirals, the first time these two sides have met since they competed against each other two years ago for in IAFL 1 Bowl game.

The winner will advance to the final to be played also on Maguires field at 2.30p.m

U.C.D as reigning champs are expected to be competitive yet again and would be expect to make the final. Last year, after being promoted from the IAFL 1, they defeated the Vikings in Dublin and, following a weather delay, Trinity a week after at the same venue and were crowned College Champions
U.C.D had endured a mixed SBC campaign where they defeated top teams including a victory over the Dublin rebels in a one point thriller but finished the season 3-5
With new Head Coach, Dave Murphy, at the reigns this season, UCD will be keen to maintain process made in the last two years and forcing a playoff push in 2016. Counting Quarterback Tom Donovan, Larry Doyle, Eoin Feely and Paul Geraghty among your number will give every chance for success.

The Cork Admirals, defeated finalist in the past two IAFL 1 Bowl games are still undergoing a rebuild. Once a Shamrock Bowl team verses the Vikings in 2007, the club went through turmoil and has since folded and re-opened.
Cork while in a rebuilding process have come really close to greatness, narrowly loosing in the Bowl Game to both Waterford and U.C.D the previous year, the hard work put in by the past few years of Stephen Hayes and Harris Monagahn has kept them atop their league, both national players are expected to play a huge role and although, due to not being a college team, they cannot play in the final, they will nevertheless look to upset UCD in the semi final stages.

Trinity Football have been to the past two ShamrockBowls and loosing narrowly to the Belfast Trojans on both occasions. Trinity football boasts wins over both U.L and UCD in Regular season competition last year, but lost to UCD in the college finals last year. Trinity are expected to get into a battle in the semi finals with their fierce rivals, the U.L Vikings. One man expected to make the difference for Trinity is young running back Ola Bademosi, Ola has taken the mantle of #1 running back vacated by the heralded Rob McDowell. Trinity have always been strong at the running back position and this year is no exception, Ola scored 7 regular season ruching touchdowns last year and in only 6 games, with a full 8 games it’s hard to imagine him not being the leading rusher of the league.

The U.L Vikings are always competitive, its in their nature. The Vikings are three time ShamrockBowl champions, the only team in the tournament to have won the coveted ShamrockBowl, although the last time they lifted one was in 2009, it is becoming a distant memory and has been a team in transition and rebuilding for the past few years, the Limerick camp says that they are having their strongest rookie year to date.

Ireland under 20’s player Graham Murtagh is expected to lead the offensive
from Centre, now one of the physically biggest offensive lines in the country.
Running behind them is the dynamic rookie running back trio of Conor Brennan Marco Lidron and Phillip Poilet who are expected to contribute massively to the Vikings run game in 2016.

One thing is for sure, this promises to be an excellent tournament yet again.

Article Contributed by Ian Cahill.

Chalk Talk Steelers vs Patriots

The Patriots season got off to a great start in the early hours of this morning dismissing the Steelers 28-21. The Steelers offence showed some great signs but missing some vital parts and giving away too many penalties (yes we’re looking at you Left Tackle Kevin Beachum) they never really tested the Patriots other than some promising momentum in the 3rd quarter.

If you’ve got Rob Gronkowski on your fantasy team you’ve woken up to a great morning as he hauled in 3 touchdowns. This is going to be a bumper year for the tightend, not because he’s finally healthy (which he is) but he’s got a new team mate who is going to get Josh McDaniels offence back to it’s best. That team mate, former Buffalo Bill Tightend Scott Chandler.

Ravens fans will tell you the Patriots can get funky (and now illegal) with formations and last night, after the rule changed robbed them of that opportunity, they got very funky on the Steelers with personnel packages and scored two touchdowns.

Chalk Talk

Early in the 3rd quarter, following an 8 play drive and a pass interference penalty on the defence, the Patriots found themselves on the Steelers goal line. They sent out their goal line personnel. 4 Tightends, no wide receivers and a running back. In the picture you can see #47 Michael Hoomanawanui in motion. #88 Scott Chandler is lined up in the back field as a full back. #85 Michael Williams is down in a 3 point stance on the far side of the formation and #87 Rob Gronkowski is on the near side.

The Steelers matched them sending out a bunch of run stopping linebackers, leaving only #20 Will Allen in the game as the only defensive back. He’s highlighted above. When #47 Michael Hoomanawanui splits out wide, Allen, the sole DB goes with him. Now the fun part…

Chalk Talk 2

#88 Scott Chandler and #87 Rob Gronkowski shift their position and line up in the slot and wide respectively

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 14.18.09

Now the Steelers Goal Line Defence is Defending the Spread formation! Inside Linebacker #94 Lawrence Timmons is now playing the role of a Nickel Defensive Back and situational Linebacker #57 Terence Garvin is outside covering #87 Rob Gronkowski The Patriots run a simple pick play where #87 Rob Gronkowski runs at the man covering #88 Scott Chandler forcing him to back off and give Gronks new team mate space and Receiver in Space + Tom Brady = Touchdown!

Chalk Talk 3

Chalk Talk 4


As most offensive coordinators will tell you, half of their play book is just setting up plays in the other half and so it was with this play because after another Patriots drive and a fumble recovery by Gronksowski on the 1 yard line the Patriots were in a position to be put distance between themsleves and the Steelers and put their first win in the bag. When they dialled up the exact same look again. #47 Michael Hoomanawanui goes in motion and #88 Scott Chandler and #87 Rob Gronkowski shift and the Steelers Goal Line Defence is defending the spread once again with all the same guys covering the same guys again. Except look at #57 Terence Garvin Highlighted below.
Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 14.54.56

He’s signaling an ‘X’ to #94 Lawrence Timmons telling him to expect the pick play, he’s learned his lesson right?

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 15.00.33

Gronk takes a step to the inside to help convince #57 Terence Garvin he’s right and then runs a fade to the back of the end zone…and we know you know the math here….Gronk + Brady + Fade = Touchdown!


And the shuffle and spike!


2015 NFL Quick Preview

You’re a busy go getter with things to be and places to do right? Don’t have time for long winded pontifications on the modern game well here is our Quick preview of the 2015 Season! Down-Ready-Set-GO!

Buffalo Bills

The Good Mean Run Stopping defence, Le Sean McCoy is a good addition
The Bad Murky at best Quarterback situation and Rex isn’t exactly known for his QB developing abilities
The Prediction 8-8

New York Jets

The Good Revis is back in town and the defence looks solid. Ryan Fitzpatrick is better than Geno
The Bad Ryan Fitzpatrick isn’t very good
The Prediction 3-13

Miami Dolphins

The Good Championship caliber players in a few key spots (Suh, Wake, Pouncey)
The Bad Doubt as to whether Tannehil can hit the next level with a less than jaw dropping receiving corps
The Prediction10-6

New England Patriots

The Good Brady’s suspension overturned and Bill Belichick will be extra Belichicked after fighting the NFL and winning
The Bad A lot of change on defence and a few untested parts. The Pats are going to ship points this year
The Prediction 12-4

Baltimore Ravens

The GoodFlaccos gets it done and the defences is one of the best
The BadThe receivers are not top notch and Forsett, coming off a great season last year is untested with the workload he experienced, will the miles be a problem
The Prediction 9-7

Cincinnati Bengals

The Good Nearly everything is great in Cinci.
The Bad There is no denying it, Andy Dalton won’t win you a championship. #AJMcCarron2016
The Prediction 10-6

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Good Offence is primed to be huge (after everyone gets back from suspension)
The Bad Those suspensions will cost them early momentum and a switch in Defensive styles could take time to bed in.
The Prediction9-7 (If they make the playoffs, they’ll be in with a big shot)

Cleveland Browns

The Good LeBron is back in the Cleveland!
The Bad You’re the Browns!
The Prediction 2-14

Houston Texans

The Good The defence, if it can stay healthy, will be immense
The Bad Foster out early will hurt them, offence lacking any real threat.
The Prediction 6-10

Tennessee Titans

The Good Marcus Mariota and the other young talent will provide highlights
The Bad They’ll also suck and make big mistakes.
The Predcition 4-12

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Good Bortles should be better again and the Jaguars should be a little less hopeless
The Bad We don’t feel we can cover this in one sentence….a lot
The Prediction 5-11

Indianapolis Colts

The Good The Colts have added lots of great pieces. Win now time
The Bad The whole division tried to draft pass rushers…Andrew has a target on his back
The Prediction13-3

San Diego Chargers

The GoodPhilip Rivers and some exciting RBs & Receivers.
The Bad Front 7 is shaky.
The Prediction 9-7

Denver Broncos

The Good Manning, Sanders and Thomas and a host of RBs going to keep the Broncos scoring
The Bad D-Line is iffy and not much depth at receiver
The Prediction 10-6

Kansas City Chiefs

The GoodShould have at least 1 WR catch a touchdown this year and Jaamal Charles will score the rest.
The BadCan rush the passer like no ones business but can’t stop the run.
The Prediction 8-8

Oakland Raiders

The Good You’ll be in LA soon (and we suppose Derek Carr looks ok but…)
The BadCarrs numbers go in the toilet when he’s forced to throw under pressure and if we’ve noticed we’re pretty sure there is 13 defensive co-ordinators who’ve noticed as well.
The Prediction 5-11

Dallas Cowboys

The GoodRomo healthy, Dez signed (and rule changed) most of all that Offensive Line is in great shape!
The Bad Demarco Murray a victim of Dez’s contract and Hardy will be sitting out 4 games on a defence that needs him
The Prediction10-6

New York Giants

The GoodOdell Beckham has 2 hands with which he can make all those spectacular catches with & the defence is (a finger light) in good nick.
The BadOffensive line can’t run block and no blockbuster backs
The Prediction 7-9

Philadelphia Eagles

The GoodChip might actually have a genuine QB now and Kiko Alonso makes any defence better by a big margin
The BadSam Bradfords surgically repaired knee.
The Prediction10-6

Washington Redskins

The Good …Ryan Kerrigan will be fun to watch, maybe Alfred Morris
The Bad Strap in Skins fans, it’s going to be rough everywhere else!
The Prediction 4-12

Chicago Bears

The Good Jay Cutler will be better with Adam Gase steering the ship and Matt Forte will be Matt Forte
The Bad The OL ain’t going to give either of them much help and Kevin White got injured!
The Prediction 8-8

Minnesota Vikings

The Good Teddy B looks to be the real deal and thats coming from Opponents. The Vikings will be sneaky good this year
The BadThe OL was shaky last year and the pieces they’ve brought in are untested
The Prediction 9-7

Green Bay Packers

The Good Theres a lot but Aaron Rodgers is right at his peak keeping the Packers window open
The BadDefence can’t tackle!
The Prediction 12-4

Detroit Lions

The Good They call him Megatron! Abdullah looks a good pick up too and Defence is nasty as ever
The Bad They lost Suh and the OL will have to step up to the level of the rest of the team
The Prediction 10-6

New Orleans Saints

The Good Drew Brees was one of the Best QBs around last year and his OL were awful
The Bad See above and Defence comically bad covering the pass
The Prediction 10-6

Atlanta Falcons

The Good Dan Quinn is going to sort out this defence and their schedule is easy!
The BadCovering the pass and blocking for the run are two things this team don’t do well
The Prediction9-7

Carolina Panthers

The GoodThey’re pretty good all round.
The Bad They’re not very good anywhere! Average team stuck in mediocrity
The Prediction 8-8

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Good Doug Martin should take some pressure off Jameis and Mike Evans will be dominant
The Bad Can’t stop the run or cover the pass particularly well and Winston is going to throw a lot of picks!
The Prediction 4-10

Arizona Cardinals

The Good Horrendously unlucky with injuries last year, Offence will improve this year.
The Bad OL have trouble establishing the run and everyone is going to put 3 guys on Larry
The Prediction 10-6

San Francisco 49ers

The GoodNew OC will improve the a 49ers offences that was struggling under the weight of the Greg Roman scheme
The Bad Nothing to be excited about, this is a team that is about to get demolished and rebuilt
The Prediction 6-10

St. Louis Rams

The Good Nifty pass rush and a quite decent run stopper defence
The Bad Can’t do much else well, Gurley still out and Foles is a downgrade on Bradford
The Prediction 4-12

Seattle Seahawks

The Good How do the best get better, lump Jimmy Friggin Graham in there!
The Bad Chancellors hold out could turn nasty as they can’t pay all of the LOB
The Prediction 12-4

Week 1 TV Listings


[column size='1/2']

Friday September 11th 1:30am

Sky Sports 1
Pittsburgh Steelers @ New England Patriots

Sunday September 13th

Sky Sports 3


Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears


Baltimore Ravens @ Denver Broncos

Monday September 14th

Sky Sports 3


New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys

Tuesday September 15th

Sky Sports 1


Philadelphia Eagles @ Atlanta Falcons


Minnesota Vikings @ San Francisco 49ers[/column]

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Shamrock Bowl 29 Live Audio Stream

Shamrock Bowl

See Below for our twitter feed of the games!

Emerald Bowl I Preview!

The IFFL is approaching the end of its inaugural season. On the 9th August in Dalymount Park, the Mullingar Minotaurs will be taking on the Dublin Vipers in the first ever Irish Flag Football National Championship, the Emerald Bowl I.

Flag Football, as a sport, has been in Ireland for a good few years now, but has never been organised on a national level. In October 2014, the Irish American Football Association (IAFA) gathered teams keen on seeing a more official, competitive and permanent league rather than the backyard games they were used to.

The league is in its infancy, but interest is growing because of the success it has seen so far. Most people involved are originally either involved in kitted football or just fans of American Football but not willing to take on the physical side of the sport. Flag Football has every aspect of a dark horse, unknown but with great potential and eager to prove itself a real contender. The sport has never really been promoted before last year and most teams involved are originally kitted clubs with a few exclusively flag teams. All in all, we’ve seen 19 teams taking part 2015, but interest is growing and more teams intend to be part of next season along with more kitted teams.

The league is split into four regional divisions; Dublin, Midlands, Munster and Ulster. Each division has a number of teams competing based on an NFL-type of schedule, with each team playing every other team in their division twice, and at least two inter-divisional games during the season.

The league is split into two seasons, winter (October to February) and summer (March to August). Each season produces a champion, and they compete in the national championship, the Emerald Bowl.

The Dublin Vipers

The two teams who made it to the Emerald Bowl I are the Dublin Vipers and the Mullingar Minotaurs. The Minotaurs have been solid all season and have refined their game over time from a kitted-based style to a more focused flag style. The Dublin Vipers are the favourites with the best record overall. They are an exclusive flag team, with players having played together for the last three years. They also play a clean and efficient style of flag, which tends to make them the favourites in most match ups. Both teams have played each other twice this past year with the Minotaurs succeeding both times which will make the Emerald Bowl I a very tight and interesting game to watch.

The plans for the future growth of the league are to develop it further by fostering other initiatives such as an all-female league, youth league and school programs, and ultimately to compete on the international level within the next two to three years. We need to see the league grow well enough to have access to a sufficiently large pool of talent.

Mullingar Minotuars

We would also start working with our neighbouring countries as some of them have years of experience in running successful flag football league. In that mind set the IFFL will be are holding an open tournament on October 10th, with teams from the UK flying over to test the Irish game style. This will also be mark the first anniversary of the league. If all goes well, we would make it an annual event, which would be a good way to test the international waters and build relationships in the long-term.

Some believe that Flag Football is very much in the shadow of kitted football which is rather a misconception. Both sport show a love for the sport American Football in different ways. Anyone who likes the strategies and tactics but not necessarily the physical part of the sport but with a very big dose of fun then Flag Football is the sport for you.

If you want to follow the progress of the Irish Flag Football League, like their Facebook page or visit their website here

Guillaume Poznanski
IAFA Director of Flag Football

Aldon Smith : Timeline of his Rise & Fall!

The Aldon Smith Tragedy

Aldon Smith has been one of the biggest boom to bust stories of the NFL of Recent Times. Here we look at where and when it all went right and then all so wrong for the talented but troubled Defender.


Starts 11 of 13 Games for the Missouri Tigers. Records 60 Tackles & 11 Sacks
Is selected First-team Freshman All-American, Big 12 Defensive Newcomer of the Year & Big 12 Defensive Freshman of the Year, Hendricks Award Watch List, Second-team All-Big 12, Honorable mention All-Big 12, Team Defensive Lineman of the Year Award, Team Freshman of the Year Award


In 9 Games he records 48 tackles & 6 Sacks


Forgoes his final two years of eligibility and is drafted 7th overall by the San Francisco 49ers
Records 14 sacks in his Rookie Year. Half a sack short of the all time rookie Record.


January Arrested for Driving Under the Influence in Miami.
June Smith is stabbed in an incident where two other people where shot and is charged with three felony counts of illegal possession of an assault weapon
Smith goes on to record 19.5 sacks in the regular season and is selected to the Pro Bowl and is the NFC Defensive Player of the Year


September =After recording 4.5 sacks through week 3, Smith is involved in a single vehicle accident. He is subsequently arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and possession of marijuana. Voluntarily entered a rehab. Misses 5 games of 2013 Season.


AprilSmith was detained and arrested following an incident at the Los Angeles International Airport it was alleged Smith claimed he was carrying a bomb. Aldon Smith was suspended for 9 games for the 2014 season. Plays only 7 games of 2014 season and records just 2 sacks and the 49ers miss the play offs.


August Arrested for hit and run, driving under the influence and vandalism charges. Released the same day by the 49ers.

NFL Ireland Team of the Year : All Rounders

Our team of the Weeks included only QB, RB, WR, OL and Defences and as we sat down to pick the very best of all we found that since we put so much faith in our scoring charts (have you seen them?) there are players that are so key to their teams yet don’t put too many scores on the board. Ask their teams and they’ll rave about them! So who are they?

All Rounders!

Team Green Rob McDowell Trinity College Dublin

Photo by Ariane Boudias

Rob has been on the end of a lot of praise in his IAFL Career. Easily one of the fastest players out there, the elusiveness and trucking ability, he plays defence and returns kicks! So is there anything else to add. Well now he plays Quarterback. Dan Finnamore injured at the end of last season Trinity could have easily faded away but into the breach came McDowell and has brought all the ability and intelligence you could hope for to the position. This is the all rounders section so worth noting that at Safety McDowell shuts down the deep middle of the field with Quarterbacks afraid to test him because if he picks it, you’re in trouble. The weekend will be his 2nd Shamrock Bowl and he has the ability to be the hinge upon which it all turns.

Team White Peter Loughran Criagavon Cowboys

Photo by Ariane Boudias

Define All Rounders, Peter Loughran. We’re done. He plays receiver, he plays Quarterback and when he cameos on Defence he Quarterbacks that too from the Middle Linebacker spot. The true measure of a players value, when you consider how many other teams he’d make it into. Loughran (and the others on this list) would make it any team in the league and do it at any position you’ve got. He threw 10 touchdowns, ran for 5, 3 2point attempts, thats 96 of Craigavons 111 points. Perhaps the finest few moments of the year was in the game against the Knights when he put the team on his back….and several of the Knights and willed them to victory.

Team Green Mark Dunphy Waterford Wolves

Photo by Ariane Boudias
Photo by Ariane Boudias

Cork & Tyrone were steamrolling their way towards the IAFL 1 bowl game until they met the Waterford Wolves and Mark Dunphy. Dunphy plays on offence and he plays on defence and the results are the same on both sides of the ball, passes caught! Dunphy also plays kicker and when the Wolves season was on a knife edge late verses the Mavericks on two occasions. Dunphy dispatched field goals to win both games. Interceptions against the Titans put the Wolves in excellent position in the game and back into the play offs. The SBC will test the Wolves and Dunphy and this time they’ve some of the experience along with the talent to succeed. We mentioned in the Kickers piece that the league rate of XPs to Touchdowns is usually under 50%. Dunphy is one of the Kickers above that mark.

Team White Ross McCooey, Dublin Rebels

Photo by Ariane Boudias
Photo by Ariane Boudias

 Ross McCooey is one of the finest football players in the land. No debate. It is easy to see the contribution of the above 3 players. McDowell and Loughran Quarterback and Dunphy catches all in sight. Ross McCoy oft goes unnoticed by all but the running backs he’s leading out for and the Quarterbacks that have just inadvertently thrown him the ball. McCooey plays nearly ever down, offence, defence and special teams and just makes plays over and over again. A veteran of the Berlin Rebels and Dublin Rebels alike and what is scary is he’s still only 28 and perhaps only entering his best years now. This is the last player on our list and we don’t believe we could have ended it any better. See the complete list below!


Green v White


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QB James McKelvey

RB Neil Montgomery

RB Ola Bademosi

WR Sean Goldrick

WR Nic Coffi

OL Trinity College

Defence Belfast Trojans

Kicker Nick McSweeney

All Rounder Rob McDowell

All Rounder Mark Dunphy


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QB Stephen Hayes

RB Shane Gleeson

RB Sean Leamy

WR David Richardson

WR Alex Gurney

OL Belfast Trojans

Defence UL Vikings

Kicker Greg Gibson

All Rounder Peter Loughran

All Rounder Ross McCooey