Fantasy Football Starts and Sits: Week 6

Each week during the season, deciding on who to start for your fantasy football team is the most pivotal decision. Each week in my Rankings, Starts and Sits article, I will list the players at each position. This will show you who the best play at each position is. I will also recommend a less obvious player at each position who is primed for a big week, and a player at each position who you should avoid. If you have any start/sit questions feel free to contact me on twitter @JamesMaguire21 where I would be happy to answer all questions.



QB Start of the Week
Eli Manning (NYG)
After a terrible pre-season and week 1 performance, Eli has turned things around and has become very consistent: scoring an average of 20 points over his last few games. This week he gets a fantastic matchup against an Eagles defence that is giving up the most ppg to opposing QB’s this season. Eli also has a very good record against the Eagles and has rookie WR Odell Beckham as a new weapon. Start him with confidence.

QB Sit of the Week
Tom Brady (NE)
Brady surprised everyone and came out with a dominant performance last week. However I would be wary of starting him this week. The Bills defence is decent against the pass and could put Brady under a lot of pressure. I would keep him benched this week.

QB Rankings

[columnize]1              Peyton Manning DEN  (@NYJ)

2              Andrew Luck IND  (@HOU)

3              Aaron Rodgers GB (@MIA)

4              Jay Cutler CHI (@ATL)

5              Eli Manning NYG  (@PHI)

6              Russell Wilson SEA (vs. DAL)

7              Matt Ryan ATL  (vs. CHI)

8              Philip Rivers SD (@OAK)

9              Ben Roethlisberger PIT  (@CLE)

10           Matthew Stafford DET  (@MIN)

11             Nick Foles PHI (vs. NYG)

12           Colin Kaepernick SF (@STL)

13           Tony Romo DAL  (@SEA)

14           Brian Hoyer CLE (vs. PIT)

15           Tom Brady NE  (@BUF

16           Austin Davis STL  (vs. SF)

17           Kirk Cousins WAS  (@ARI)

18           Cam Newton CAR (@CIN)

19           Charlie Whitehurst TEN  (vs. JAC)

20           Teddy Bridgewater MIN  (vs. DET)

21           Mike Glennon TB (vs. BAL)

22           Ryan Tannehill MIA  (vs. GB)

23           Joe Flacco BAL (@TB)

24           Andy Dalton CIN  (vs. CAR)[/columnize]

Running Backs

RB Start of the Week

Andre Williams (NYG)

Williams has looked good so far this season whenever he has gotten an opportunity, and with Jennings out injured this week: I expect a big performance from the rookie. The matchup is also a good one as the Eagles give up an average of over 20 points per game to opposing RB’s.

RB Sit of the Week


Alfred Morris (WAS)

This weeks game is a very tough matchup for Morris as no one has run for more than 65 yards against the Cardinals. Morris also hasn’t scored in his past 6 road games. All of this makes him a risky start this week.

RB Rankings:

[columnize]1              Matt Forte CHI (@ATL)

2              Giovani Bernard CIN (vs. CAR)

3              Arian Foster HOU  (vs. IND)

4              Le’Veon Bell PIT  (@CLE)

5              Marshawn Lynch SEA  (vs. DAL)

6              Eddie Lacy GB  (@MIA)

7              Andre Williams NYG  (@PHI)

8              LeSean McCoy PHI (vs. NYG)

9              Lamar Miller MIA  (vs. GB)

10           Ben Tate CLE  (vs. PIT)

11           Ahmad Bradshaw IND  (@HOU)

12           DeMarco Murray DAL  (@SEA)

13           Andre Ellington ARI  (vs. WAS)

14           Branden Oliver SD  (@OAK)

15           Doug Martin TB  (vs. BAL)

16           Fred Jackson BUF  (vs. NE)

17           C.J. Spiller BUF (vs. NE)

18           Alfred Morris WAS  (@ARI)

19           Frank Gore SF (@STL)

20           Steven Jackson ATL  (vs. CHI)

21           Justin Forsett BAL  (@TB)

22           Trent Richardson IND  (@HOU)

23           Shane Vereen NE (@BUF)

24           Matt Asiata MIN  (vs. DET)

25           Stevan Ridley NE  (@BUF)

26           Joique Bell DET  (@MIN)

27           Antone Smith ATL  (vs. CHI)

28           Chris Ivory NYJ (vs. DEN)

29           Ronnie Hillman DEN  (@NYJ)

30           Storm Johnson JAC  (@TEN)

31           Zac Stacy STL  (vs. SF)

32           Bernard Pierce BAL (@TB)

33           Darren McFadden OAK (vs. SD)

34           Knowshon Moreno MIA  (vs. GB)

35           Jeremy Hill CIN (vs. CAR)

36           Darren Sproles PHI  (vs. NYG)

37           Bishop Sankey TEN (vs. JAC)

38           Jonathan Stewart CAR  (@CIN)

39           Devonta Freeman ATL (vs. CHI)

40           Carlos Hyde SF (@STL)

41           Theo Riddick DET  (@MIN)

42           Jerick McKinnon MIN  (vs. DET)

43           Bobby Rainey TB (vs. BAL)

44           Roy Helu WAS (@ARI)

45           Terrance West CLE (vs. PIT)

46           Benny Cunningham STL (vs. SF)

47           Robert Turbin SEA (vs. DAL)

48           C.J. Anderson DEN (@NYJ)[/columnize]


Wide Receivers

WR Start of the Week


Golden Tate (DET)

Tate has been great for the past 2 weeks and his good number should continue this week with Johnson likely out. The Vikings give up the 9th most points per game to opposing WR’s and have allowed 7 TD’s. Look for Tate to have a great game.

WR Sit of the Week

DeSean Jackson (WAS)

Jackson is coming off a huge performance and always has the potential for a huge game. However, I would be cautious with him this week as he faces a tough Cardinals defence, and if he has to matchup against Patrick Peterson it could be a very quiet day for the Redskins WR.

WR Rankings:

[columnize]1              Demaryius Thomas DEN (@NYJ)

2              Julio Jones ATL  (vs. CHI)

3              Jordy Nelson GB (@MIA)

4              Antonio Brown PIT (@CLE)

5              Emmanuel Sanders DEN (@NYJ)

6              Golden Tate DET (@MIN)

7              Randall Cobb GB (@MIA)

8              Jeremy Maclin PHI (vs. NYG)

9              T.Y. Hilton IND  (@HOU)

10           Dez Bryant DAL  (@SEA)

11           Brandon Marshall CHI  (@ATL)

12           Victor Cruz NYG  (@PHI)

13           Roddy White ATL (vs. CHI)

14           Alshon Jeffery CHI (@ATL)

15           Kelvin Benjamin CAR (@CIN)

16           Brian Quick STL  (vs. SF)

17           Steve Smith BAL  (@TB)

18           Michael Crabtree SF (@STL)

19           Vincent Jackson TB  (vs. BAL)

20           Wes Welker DEN (@NYJ)

21           Mike Wallace MIA  (vs. GB)

22           Terrance Williams DAL (@SEA)

23           Mohamed Sanu CIN  (vs. CAR)

24           Reggie Wayne IND  (@HOU)

25           Percy Harvin SEA  (vs. DAL)

26           Sammy Watkins BUF  (vs. NE)

27           Rueben Randle NYG (@PHI)

28           Odell Beckham NYG (@PHI)

29           Kendall Wright TEN  (vs. JAC)

30           DeSean Jackson WAS (@ARI)

31           Julian Edelman NE (@BUF)

32           Devin Hester ATL  (vs. CHI)

33           Pierre Garcon WAS (@ARI)

34           Andre Johnson HOU  (vs. IND)

35           Andrew Hawkins CLE (vs. PIT)

36           Allen Robinson JAC (@TEN)

37           Malcom Floyd SD  (@OAK)

38           Andre Roberts WAS  (@ARI)

39           DeAndre Hopkins HOU  (vs. IND)

40           Michael Floyd ARI (vs. WAS)

41           Keenan Allen SD  (@OAK)

42           Mike Evans TB  (vs. BAL)

43           Andre Holmes OAK  (vs. SD)

44           Brian Hartline MIA (vs. GB)

45           Anquan Boldin SF (@STL)

46           Taylor Gabriel CLE (vs. PIT)

47           Jermaine Kearse SEA (vs. DAL)

48           Justin Hunter TEN (vs. JAC)[/columnize]


Tight Ends

TE Start of the Week

Delanie Walker (TEN)

Walker has been great for most of this season, but is coming off a bad performance against the Browns. This might tempt some of his owners to bench him, but I would stick with him this week. The Jaguars defence is very vulnerable to TE’s as they have given up 5 TD’s to the position so far this season. Keep him in your line-ups.

TE Sit of the Week


Heath Miller (PIT)

Miller looked primed for a big outing last week when he had a fantastic matchup, but he severely disappointed. He is not a player that you can trust and has a bad record against the Browns, who have also been pretty good against TE’s this season.

[columnize]1              Julius Thomas DEN (@NYJ)

2              Rob Gronkowski NE  (@BUF)

3              Antonio Gates SD (@OAK)

4              Delanie Walker TEN  (vs. JAC)

5              Vernon Davis SF  (@STL)

6              Greg Olsen CAR  (@CIN)

7              Larry Donnell NYG  (@PHI)

8              Martellus Bennett CHI (@ATL)

9              Eric Ebron DET  (@MIN)

10           Owen Daniels BAL (@TB)

11           Jordan Reed WAS  (@ARI)

12           Dwayne Allen IND  (@HOU)

13           Zach Ertz PHI (vs. NYG)

14           Jason Witten DAL (@SEA)

15           Jordan Cameron CLE  (vs. PIT)

16           John Carlson ARI (vs. WAS)

17           Heath Miller PIT  (@CLE)

18           Timothy Wright NE (@BUF)

19           Clay Harbor JAC  (@TEN)

20           Mychal Rivera OAK (vs. SD)

21           Richard Rodgers GB (@MIA)

22           Coby Fleener IND  (@HOU)

23           Jared Cook STL (vs. SF)

24           Ladarius Green SD (@OAK)[/columnize]

Fantasy Football Starts and Sits: Week 5

Each week during the season, deciding on who to start for your fantasy football team is the most pivotal decision. Each week in my Rankings, Starts and Sits article, I will list the players at each position. This will show you who the best play at each position is. I will also recommend a less obvious player at each position who is primed for a big week, and a player at each position who you should avoid. If you have any start/sit questions feel free to contact me on twitter @JamesMaguire21 where I would be happy to answer all questions.


Pittsburgh Steelers v Dallas Cowboys
QB Start of the Week
Ben Roethlisberger (PIT)
Even though his team lost last week, Big Ben put in a great performance scoring 28 fantasy points. His success should continue this week as he has a great matchup against a Jaguars defence that is ranked dead last against the pass, allowing the most touchdowns and fantasy points to opposing QB’s.

QB Sit of the Week
Tom Brady (NE)
Brady had been a real disappointment this season, and if you started him last week he more than likely will have cost you your game. Unless he shows a vast improvement over the next few games, he won’t even be worth rostering in most formats. He needs to be benched for the foreseeable future, especially this week as he faces a Bengals team that has been good against the pass so far this season, and stopped Brady from scoring a TD last season when they met.

QB Rankings:
[columnize]1              Aaron Rodgers GB (vs. MIN)

2              Peyton Manning DEN (vs. ARI)

3              Philip Rivers SD (vs. NYJ)

4              Andrew Luck IND (vs. BAL)

5              Drew Brees NO  (vs. TB)

6              Ben Roethlisberger PIT  (@JAC)

7              Matthew Stafford DET  (vs. BUF)

8              Matt Ryan ATL (@NYG)

9              Eli Manning NYG  (vs. ATL)

10           Tony Romo DAL  (vs. HOU)

11           Russell Wilson SEA (@WAS)

12           Nick Foles PHI  (vs. STL)

13           Jay Cutler CHI  (@CAR)

14           Colin Kaepernick SF (vs. KC)

15           Joe Flacco BAL (@IND)

16           Cam Newton CAR  (vs. CHI)

17           Andy Dalton CIN (@NE)

18           Alex Smith KC  (@SF)

19           Blake Bortles JAC (vs. PIT)

20           Mike Glennon TB  (@NO)

21           Teddy Bridgewater MIN  (@GB)

22           Austin Davis STL (@PHI)

23           Drew Stanton ARI  (@DEN)

24           Kyle Orton BUF  (@DET)[/columnize]

Running Backs

RB Start of the Week
Rashad Jennings (NYG)
I was very high on Jennings coming into the season and thought he was a real draft bargain late in drafts. He has been brilliant so far this season, and now that the Giants offence finally seems to be coming together, the sky is the limit for Jennings. This weeks matchup is a fantastic one for Jennings, as he faces a Falcons team that is awful against the run. I could see him being one of the top 5 RB’s this week as the Falcons give up the most ppg and TD’s to opposing runners.

RB Sit of the Week
Donald Brown (SD)
Brown looked primed for a big game last week only to completely disappoint. It is possible that he could improve as the season goes on as he practically has the backfield to himself with Matthews and Woodhead injured. However I have to recommend that you keep him benched. This week he faces a Jets defence that has been brilliant against the run: in fact they have yet to concede a rushing TD by a RB.

RB Rankings:
[columnize]1              DeMarco Murray DAL (vs. HOU)

2              Marshawn Lynch SEA (@WAS)

3              Le’Veon Bell PIT (@JAC)

4              Rashad Jennings NYG  (vs. ATL)

5              Giovani Bernard CIN (@NE)

6              LeSean McCoy PHI  (vs. STL)

7              Jamaal Charles KC  (@SF)

8              Matt Forte CHI (@CAR)

9              Eddie Lacy GB  (vs. MIN)

10           Arian Foster HOU  (@DAL)

11           Zac Stacy STL  (@PHI)

12           Matt Asiata MIN  (@GB)

13           Montee Ball DEN (vs. ARI)

14           Andre Ellington ARI  (@DEN)

15           Frank Gore SF  (vs. KC)

16           Ahmad Bradshaw IND  (vs. BAL)

17           Reggie Bush DET  (vs. BUF)

18           Doug Martin TB  (@NO)

19           Chris Ivory NYJ (@SD)

20           Khiry Robinson NO  (vs. TB)

21           Bishop Sankey TEN  (vs. CLE)

22           Justin Forsett BAL  (@IND)

23           Ben Tate CLE  (@TEN)

24           Shane Vereen NE  (vs. CIN)

25           Lorenzo Taliaferro BAL (@IND)

26           Isaiah Crowell CLE (@TEN)

27           Carlos Hyde SF (vs. KC)

28           C.J. Spiller BUF (@DET)

29           Alfred Morris WAS  (vs. SEA)

30           Fred Jackson BUF  (@DET)

31           Trent Richardson IND  (vs. BAL)

32           Chris Johnson NYJ  (@SD)

33           Toby Gerhart JAC  (vs. PIT)

34           Jerick McKinnon MIN  (@GB)

35           Darren Sproles PHI  (vs. STL)

36           LeGarrette Blount PIT (@JAC)

37           Joique Bell DET  (vs. BUF)

38           Darrin Reaves CAR  (vs. CHI)

39           Robert Turbin SEA (@WAS)

40           Donald Brown SD (vs. NYJ)

41           Stevan Ridley NE  (vs. CIN)

42           Jeremy Hill CIN (@NE)

43           Steven Jackson ATL (@NYG)

44           Bobby Rainey TB (@NO)

45           Andre Williams NYG  (vs. ATL)

46           Travaris Cadet NO (vs. TB)

47           Alfred Blue HOU (@DAL)

48           Antone Smith ATL  (@NYG)[/columnize]

Wide Receivers

Keenan AllenWR Start of the Week
Keenan Allen (SD)
I recommended starting Allen last week and he delivered with his first good game of the season. I expect his success to continue this week as he faces a Jets defence that is allowing over 28ppg to opposing WR’s. With the Jets having such a strong run defence, I expect the Chargers to throw often and Allen will benefit from this.

WR Sit of the Week
Andre Johnson (HOU)
Johnson has been mediocre at best this season and has yet to score a TD, and this trend could continue this week. The Cowboys defene has been much better than anyone expected and has held some top WR’s in check.  Factor in that Hopkins is emerging as a better fantasy option in Houston., and I would temper my expectations on what Johnson will do this week.

WR Rankings:
[columnize]1              Antonio Brown PIT  (@JAC)

2              Jordy Nelson GB (vs. MIN)

3              A.J. Green CIN (@NE)

4              Julio Jones ATL  (@NYG)

5              Randall Cobb GB  (vs. MIN)

6              Demaryius Thomas DEN (vs. ARI)

7              Calvin Johnson DET  (vs. BUF)

8              Dez Bryant DAL  (vs. HOU)

9              Brandon Marshall CHI  (@CAR)

10           Victor Cruz NYG (vs. ATL)

11           Keenan Allen SD (vs. NYJ)

12           Jeremy Maclin PHI  (vs. STL)

13           Kelvin Benjamin CAR  (vs. CHI)

14           Reggie Wayne IND  (vs. BAL)

15           Alshon Jeffery CHI (@CAR)

16           Emmanuel Sanders DEN (vs. ARI)

17           Steve Smith BAL  (@IND)

18           Michael Floyd ARI (@DEN)

19           DeAndre Hopkins HOU (@DAL)

20           Vincent Jackson TB  (@NO)

21           Michael Crabtree SF  (vs. KC)

22           Sammy Watkins BUF  (@DET)

23           Roddy White ATL (@NYG)

24           Percy Harvin SEA (@WAS)

25           Julian Edelman NE  (vs. CIN)

26           Andre Johnson HOU  (@DAL)

27           Terrance Williams DAL  (vs. HOU)

28           Brandin Cooks NO  (vs. TB)

29           Golden Tate DET (vs. BUF)

30           Eddie Royal SD (vs. NYJ)

31           Marques Colston NO  (vs. TB)

32           T.Y. Hilton IND (vs. BAL)

33           Rueben Randle NYG  (vs. ATL)

34           Brian Quick STL  (@PHI)

35           Larry Fitzgerald ARI (@DEN)

36           John Brown ARI (@DEN)

37           Wes Welker DEN (vs. ARI)

38           Eric Decker NYJ  (@SD)

39           Pierre Garcon WAS (vs. SEA)

40           Allen Robinson JAC  (vs. PIT)

41           Jordan Matthews PHI (vs. STL)

42           Cordarrelle Patterson MIN (@GB)

43           Torrey Smith BAL  (@IND)

44           Greg Jennings MIN  (@GB)

45           Malcom Floyd SD  (vs. NYJ)

46           Allen Hurns JAC (vs. PIT)

47           Devin Hester ATL  (@NYG)

48           Hakeem Nicks IND (vs. BAL)[/columnize]

Tight Ends

NFL: New York Giants at Detroit Lions
TE Start of the Week
Larry Donnell (NYG)
Donnell has been one of the surprises of the season and has emerged into one of Eli’s favourite targets. He had a monster performance last week and as long as Eli keeps targeting him in the endzone, I expect him to finish the season as a top 10 TE.

TE Sit of the Week
Jason Witten (DAL)
I have listed Witten as a sit multiple times this season and he has proved me right on each occasion. He is having a terrible year from a fantasy perspective, and some of this is down to his increased role as a blocker. I expect him to have another disappointing outing this week as he faces a Texans defence that has held opposing TE’s in check all season.

TE Rankings:
[columnize]1              Julius Thomas DEN (vs. ARI)

2              Jimmy Graham NO (vs. TB)

3              Rob Gronkowski NE  (vs. CIN)

4              Martellus Bennett CHI (@CAR)

5              Larry Donnell NYG  (vs. ATL)

6              Antonio Gates SD (vs. NYJ)

7              Greg Olsen CAR  (vs. CHI)

8              Zach Ertz PHI (vs. STL)

9              Delanie Walker TEN  (vs. CLE)

10           Travis Kelce KC  (@SF)

11           Heath Miller PIT  (@JAC)

12           Dwayne Allen IND  (vs. BAL)

13           Jordan Cameron CLE  (@TEN)

14           Owen Daniels BAL (@IND)

15           Coby Fleener IND  (vs. BAL)

16           Garrett Graham HOU  (@DAL)

17           Eric Ebron DET  (vs. BUF)

18           Jason Witten DAL (vs. HOU)

19           Austin Seferian-Jenkins TB  (@NO)

20           Clay Harbor JAC (vs. PIT)

21           Luke Willson SEA  (@WAS)

22           Derek Carrier SF (vs. KC)

23           Scott Chandler BUF (@DET)

24           Jace Amaro NYJ (@SD)[/columnize]

Fantasy Football Starts and Sits Week 4

Each week during the season, deciding on who to start for your fantasy team is the most pivotal decision. Each week in my Rankings, Starts and Sits article, I will list the players at each position. This will show you who the best play at each position is. I will also recommend a less obvious player at each position who is primed for a big week, and a player at each position who you should avoid. If you have any start/sit questions feel free to contact me on twitter @JamesMaguire21 where I would be happy to answer all questions.


NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Detroit Lions
QB Start of the Week:
Matthew Stafford (DET)
Stafford started the season with a strong performance against the Giants, but his last 2 outings have been well below expectations. This may make you question if you should still start him. This week he gets a fantastic matchup against a Jets defence who have been awful against the pass, and have given up the 4th most points to opposing QB’s this season. Keep him in your line-ups.

QB Sit of the Week:
Cam Newton (CAR)
Newton took a beating last week against the Steelers, and you have to be concerned about his health holding up. This weeks matchup is also a tough one against a Ravens defence that has yet to allow multiple passing TD’s to opposing QB’s this season and give up the 7th fewest points them. If you have to start him temper your expectations.

Quarterback Rankings:

[columnize]1              Matthew Stafford DET (@NYJ)

2              Drew Brees NO  (@DAL)

3              Jay Cutler CHI  (vs. GB)

4              Aaron Rodgers GB  (@CHI)

5              Andrew Luck IND (vs. TEN)

6              Matt Ryan ATL (@MIN)

7              Philip Rivers SD  (vs. JAC)

8              Nick Foles PHI (@SF)

9              Kirk Cousins WAS  (vs. NYG)

10           Colin Kaepernick SF (vs. PHI)

11           Tony Romo DAL  (vs. NO)

12           Ben Roethlisberger PIT (vs. TB)

13           Eli Manning NYG  (@WAS)

14           Tom Brady NE (@KC)

15           Alex Smith KC (vs. NE)

16           Ryan Fitzpatrick HOU (vs. BUF)

17           Cam Newton CAR  (@BAL)

18           Geno Smith NYJ  (vs. DET)

19           Blake Bortles JAC  (@SD)

20           Joe Flacco BAL (vs. CAR)

21           Jake Locker TEN  (@IND)

22           Teddy Bridgewater MIN  (vs. ATL)

23           Ryan Tannehill MIA  (@OAK)

24           Mike Glennon TB  (@PIT)[/columnize]

Running Backs

RB Start of the Week
Pierre Thomas (NO)
Thomas has been a productive runner so far this season and put in a nice performance last week with Ingram out. With Ingram out again this week, both Thomas and Robinson should be good starts against a Dallas defence that has been weak against the run.

RB Sit of the Week:
Chris Johnson (NYJ)
Johnson has been disappointing so far this season. He has been working in a RBBC with Ivory and Ivory has looked the better of the 2 backs. This weeks matchup is also a bad one as he faces a Lions defence that have been good at stopping the run: allowing the 6th fewest points per game to opposing RB’s.

Running Backs Rankings:

[columnize]1              DeMarco Murray DAL  (vs. NO)

2              Matt Forte CHI  (vs. GB)

3              Le’Veon Bell PIT (vs. TB)

4              Eddie Lacy GB  (@CHI)

5              Knile Davis/Jamaal Charles KC (vs. NE)

6              Alfred Morris WAS  (vs. NYG)

7              Rashad Jennings NYG  (@WAS)

8              LeSean McCoy PHI  (@SF)

9              Ahmad Bradshaw IND  (vs. TEN)

10           Pierre Thomas NO (@DAL)

11           Donald Brown SD  (vs. JAC)

12           Lamar Miller MIA  (@OAK)

13           Stevan Ridley NE (@KC)

14           Frank Gore SF  (vs. PHI)

15           Khiry Robinson NO  (@DAL)

16           Reggie Bush DET  (@NYJ)

17           C.J. Spiller BUF (@HOU)

18           Doug Martin TB  (@PIT)

19           Shane Vereen NE (@KC)

20           Alfred Blue HOU  (vs. BUF)

21           Darren Sproles PHI (@SF)

22           Matt Asiata MIN  (vs. ATL)

23           Darren McFadden OAK (vs. MIA)

24           Lorenzo Taliaferro BAL  (vs. CAR)

25           Justin Forsett BAL (vs. CAR)

26           Toby Gerhart JAC  (@SD)

27           Joique Bell DET  (@NYJ)

28           Steven Jackson ATL  (@MIN)

29           DeAngelo Williams CAR  (@BAL)

30           Trent Richardson IND (vs. TEN)

31           Bishop Sankey TEN  (@IND)

32           Chris Ivory NYJ  (vs. DET)

33           Fred Jackson BUF  (@HOU)

34           LeGarrette Blount PIT (vs. TB)

35           Shonn Greene TEN  (@IND)

36           Carlos Hyde SF (vs. PHI)

37           Bobby Rainey TB (@PIT)

38           Chris Johnson NYJ  (vs. DET)

39           Joe McKnight KC  (vs. NE)

40           Bernard Pierce BAL  (vs. CAR)

41           Roy Helu WAS (vs. NYG)

42           Jacquizz Rodgers ATL (@MIN)

43           James Starks GB (@CHI)

44           Antone Smith ATL  (@MIN)

45           Jonathan Grimes HOU  (vs. BUF)

46           Dexter McCluster TEN (@IND)

47           Marcel Reece OAK (vs. MIA)

48           Devonta Freeman ATL (@MIN)[/columnize]


Wide Receivers

Keenan Allen

WR Start of the Week:
Keenan Allen (SD)
Allen has gotten off to a terrible start this season, but that was expected as he had some terrible matchups. This is the week where I expect him to get back to form and show his true potential. He has a fantastic matchup against a Jaguars defence that has given up the most points to opposing WR’s this season.

WR Sit of the Week:
Eric Decker (NYJ)
Decker had been having a good season until he injured his hamstring. A hamstring injury is a tricky one to recover from and even if he plays this week he could end up re injuring it and missing some of the game. As a result of this, I wouldn’t risk starting him as he could end up giving you zero points. The matchup is also a bad one as he faces a Lions defence that give up the 2nd fewest points to opposing WR’s.

Wide Receivers Rankings:

[columnize]1              Calvin Johnson DET  (@NYJ)

2              Julio Jones ATL (@MIN)

3              Dez Bryant DAL  (vs. NO)

4              Jordy Nelson GB (@CHI)

5              Brandon Marshall CHI  (vs. GB)

6              Antonio Brown PIT (vs. TB)

7              Randall Cobb GB  (@CHI)

8              Jeremy Maclin PHI  (@SF)

9              Pierre Garcon WAS  (vs. NYG)

10           Michael Crabtree SF (vs. PHI)

11           Alshon Jeffery CHI  (vs. GB)

12           Victor Cruz NYG (@WAS)

13           DeSean Jackson WAS  (vs. NYG)

14           Keenan Allen SD (vs. JAC)

15           Julian Edelman NE (@KC)

16           Steve Smith BAL (vs. CAR)

17           DeAndre Hopkins HOU  (vs. BUF)

18           Roddy White ATL  (@MIN)

19           Andre Johnson HOU (vs. BUF)

20           Kelvin Benjamin CAR (@BAL)

21           Mike Wallace MIA (@OAK)

22           Brandin Cooks NO (@DAL)

23           Terrance Williams DAL (vs. NO)

24           Vincent Jackson TB  (@PIT)

25           Sammy Watkins BUF (@HOU)

26           Marques Colston NO  (@DAL)

27           Cordarrelle Patterson MIN (vs. ATL)

28           Golden Tate DET (@NYJ)

29           Allen Robinson JAC  (@SD)

30           Greg Jennings MIN  (vs. ATL)

31           Rueben Randle NYG (@WAS)

32           Jordan Matthews PHI  (@SF)

33           Reggie Wayne IND  (vs. TEN)

34           Kendall Wright TEN (@IND)

35           Andre Holmes OAK (vs. MIA)

36           Cecil Shorts JAC  (@SD)

37           Allen Hurns JAC  (@SD)

38           Justin Hunter TEN (@IND)

39           T.Y. Hilton IND  (vs. TEN)

40           Torrey Smith BAL (vs. CAR)

41           Malcom Floyd SD (vs. JAC)

42           Jeremy Kerley NYJ  (vs. DET)

43           Anquan Boldin SF (vs. PHI)

44           Mike Evans TB (@PIT)

45           Brian Hartline MIA (@OAK)

46           Kenny Stills NO (@DAL)

47           James Jones OAK (vs. MIA)

48           Denarius Moore OAK (vs. MIA)[/columnize]


Tight Ends


TE Start of the Week:
Antonio Gates (SD)
Last week Gates disappointed with only 1 catch, but that was a tough matchup. This week he should be back to being a must start option as he faces a Jaguars defence that have given up the most fantasy points to opposing TE’s this season. Green could even be worth a start as a sleeper this week.

TE Sit of the Week:
Jason Witten (DAL)
Witten has been a big disappointment this season, and I don’t see things improving for him this week. The Saints defence is a little underrated and have been doing a decent job of stopping opposing TE’s. They’ve also done a good job at stopping Witten throughout his career as he’s never scored a TD against them.

Tight End Rankings:

[columnize]1              Jimmy Graham NO (@DAL)

2              Rob Gronkowski NE  (@KC)

3              Zach Ertz PHI (@SF)

4              Vernon Davis SF  (vs. PHI)

5              Martellus Bennett CHI  (vs. GB)

6              Antonio Gates SD (vs. JAC)

7              Niles Paul WAS  (vs. NYG)

8              Greg Olsen CAR (@BAL)

9              Delanie Walker TEN  (@IND)

10           Dwayne Allen IND (vs. TEN)

11           Larry Donnell NYG (@WAS)

12           Jason Witten DAL  (vs. NO)

13           Travis Kelce KC  (vs. NE)

14           Heath Miller PIT (vs. TB)

15           Owen Daniels BAL  (vs. CAR)

16           Andrew Quarless GB (@CHI)

17           Scott Chandler BUF (@HOU)

18           Jace Amaro NYJ (vs. DET)

19           Ladarius Green SD (vs. JAC)

20           Jeff Cumberland NYJ  (vs. DET)

21           Charles Clay MIA (@OAK)

22           Coby Fleener IND (vs. TEN)

23           Garrett Graham HOU (vs. BUF)

24           Timothy Wright NE (@KC)[/columnize]

Fantasy Football Starts and Sits Week 3

Each week during the season, deciding on who to start for your fantasy team is the most pivotal decision. Each week in my Rankings, Starts and Sits article, I will list the players at each position. This will show you who the best play at each position is. I will also recommend a less obvious player at each position who is primed for a big week, and a player at each position who you should avoid. If you have any start/sit questions fell free to contact me on twitter @JamesMaguire21 where I would be happy to answer all questions.


QB Start of the Week


Russell Wilson (SEA)

The last time Wilson faced the Broncos it was in the Superbowl, where he had a fantastic game. The Broncos have improved on defence but with Manning throwing the Ball for the Broncos; Wilson will have a nice stat line as he will have to throw to keep up with them. The Seahawks and Wilson are always better at home where Wilson has scored over 18 points in 11 of the 17 games he has played there. Wilson has also thrown for 9 TD’s in his last four home games against AFC opposition. He is a great start this week.


QB Sit of the Week


Colin Kaepernick (SF)

Kap is coming off a game where he threw 3 interceptions and lost a fumble against the Bears. This week he faces a tough Cardinals defence who have done a good job of limiting QB’s over the first 2 games. If I had a better option I would bench Kap for this week, if not you will just have temper your expectations.


[columnize]1              Matthew Stafford DET (vs. GB)

2              Andrew Luck IND  (@JAC)

3              Drew Brees NO (vs. MIN)

4              Aaron Rodgers GB (@DET)

5              Peyton Manning DEN (@SEA)

6              Nick Foles PHI  (vs. WAS)

7              Russell Wilson SEA (vs. DEN)

8              Jay Cutler CHI (@NYJ)

9              Matt Ryan ATL  (vs. TB)

10           Tom Brady NE (vs. OAK)

11           Cam Newton CAR (vs. PIT)

12           Philip Rivers SD (@BUF)

13           Colin Kaepernick SF (@ARI)

14           Tony Romo DAL  (@STL)

15           Andy Dalton CIN (vs. TEN)

16           Kirk Cousins WAS (@PHI)

17           Joe Flacco BAL  (@CLE)

18           Ryan Tannehill MIA (vs. KC)

19           Eli Manning NYG (vs. HOU)

20           Ben Roethlisberger PIT  (@CAR)

21           Alex Smith KC (@MIA)

22           Jake Locker TEN  (@CIN)

23           Josh McCown TB  (@ATL)

24           Ryan Fitzpatrick HOU (@NYG)[/columnize]


Running Backs

RB Start of the Week


Shane Vereen/Steven Ridley (NE)

Both Vereen and Ridley are nice starts this week against a bad Raiders defence. As you can see from my rankings, I prefer Vereen to Ridley, but both of them are great starts this week as the Raiders have given up almost 30ppg to opposing RB’s.


RB Sit of the Week


Steven Jackson (ATL)

The aging back has only scored 10.5 points over 2 games so far this season and is seeing a decrease in his touches. This week’s matchup is a tough one as he faces a Buccaneers defence who have been quite good against the run this season, giving up the sixth fewest points to opposing RB’s.


[columnize]1              Arian Foster HOU  (@NYG)

2              LeSean McCoy PHI  (vs. WAS)

3              DeMarco Murray DAL  (@STL)

4              Marshawn Lynch SEA  (vs. DEN)

5              Giovani Bernard CIN (vs. TEN)

6              Matt Forte CHI (@NYJ)

7              Alfred Morris WAS (@PHI)

8              Knile Davis KC  (@MIA)

9              Eddie Lacy GB (@DET)

10           Joique Bell DET  (vs. GB)

11           Zac Stacy STL (vs. DAL)

12           Le’Veon Bell PIT (@CAR)

13           Shane Vereen NE  (vs. OAK)

14           Rashad Jennings NYG (vs. HOU)

15           Terrance West CLE (vs. BAL)

16           Khiry Robinson NO (vs. MIN)

17           Montee Ball DEN (@SEA)

18           Andre Ellington ARI  (vs. SF)

19           Ahmad Bradshaw IND  (@JAC)

20           Jonathan Stewart CAR (vs. PIT)

21           Doug Martin TB  (@ATL)

22           Stevan Ridley NE (vs. OAK)

23           Lamar Miller MIA  (vs. KC)

24           C.J. Spiller BUF (vs. SD)

25           Bernard Pierce BAL (@CLE)

26           Chris Ivory NYJ (vs. CHI)

27           Steven Jackson ATL (vs. TB)

28           Matt Asiata MIN (@NO)

29           Frank Gore SF (@ARI)

30           Jeremy Hill CIN (vs. TEN)

31           Darren McFadden OAK  (@NE)

32           Pierre Thomas NO (vs. MIN)

33           Donald Brown SD  (@BUF)

34           Darren Sproles PHI  (vs. WAS)

35           Fred Jackson BUF (vs. SD)

36           Trent Richardson IND  (@JAC)

37           Reggie Bush DET  (vs. GB)

38           Justin Forsett BAL (@CLE)

39           Chris Johnson NYJ (vs. CHI)

40           Bobby Rainey TB (@ATL)

41           Isaiah Crowell CLE (vs. BAL)

42           Danny Woodhead SD (@BUF)

43           Stepfan Taylor ARI (vs. SF)

44           Toby Gerhart JAC  (vs. IND)

45           Shonn Greene TEN (@CIN)

46           Carlos Hyde SF (@ARI)

47           Benny Cunningham STL (vs. DAL)

48           Bishop Sankey TEN (@CIN)[/columnize]

 Wide Receivers

WR Start of the Week


Cordarrelle Patterson ( MIN )

Patterson has had a decent start to the season, but has done most of his damage from running the ball. I expect his receiving totals to greatly increase this week as he faces a Saints team that have given up the 2nd most points per game to opposing WR’s. With Peterson also being out it could force the Viking to throw the ball more or to give some extra carries to Patterson.


WR Sit of the Week


Larry Fitzgerald/ Michael Floyd (ARI)

I listed Fitzgerald as a start last week, but then Palmer was injured and forced to miss the game, and that ruined any chance of him having a good game. If Palmer is out again this week, then I would be very cautious about starting either Arizona WR as Stanton severely limits any upside he may have.


[columnize]1              Calvin Johnson DET (vs. GB)

2              Dez Bryant DAL  (@STL)

3              Jordy Nelson GB (@DET)

4              Brandon Marshall CHI (@NYJ)

5              Randall Cobb GB (@DET)

6              Demaryius Thomas DEN (@SEA)

7              Julio Jones ATL  (vs. TB)

8              Keenan Allen SD (@BUF)

9              Antonio Brown PIT (@CAR)

10           Cordarrelle Patterson MIN (@NO)

11           Jeremy Maclin PHI  (vs. WAS)

12           Julian Edelman NE  (vs. OAK)

13           Percy Harvin SEA (vs. DEN)

14           Mike Wallace MIA (vs. KC)

15           Vincent Jackson TB (@ATL)

16           Marques Colston NO  (vs. MIN)

17           Pierre Garcon WAS (@PHI)

18           Alshon Jeffery CHI  (@NYJ)

19           Emmanuel Sanders DEN (@SEA)

20           Roddy White ATL  (vs. TB)

21           Victor Cruz NYG  (vs. HOU)

22           Andre Johnson HOU (@NYG)

23           Kelvin Benjamin CAR  (vs. PIT)

24           Wes Welker DEN  (@SEA)

25           Sammy Watkins BUF  (vs. SD)

26           Golden Tate DET (vs. GB)

27           Michael Floyd ARI (vs. SF)

28           Reggie Wayne IND  (@JAC)

29           Brandin Cooks NO (vs. MIN)

30           Steve Smith BAL (@CLE)

31           Michael Crabtree SF (@ARI)

32           Larry Fitzgerald ARI (vs. SF)

33           DeAndre Hopkins HOU (@NYG)

34           Rueben Randle NYG (vs. HOU)

35           T.Y. Hilton IND  (@JAC)

36           Kendall Wright TEN (@CIN)

37           Terrance Williams DAL (@STL)

38           Brian Quick STL (vs. DAL)

39           Markus Wheaton PIT (@CAR)

40           Anquan Boldin SF (@ARI)

41           Mohamed Sanu CIN (vs. TEN)

42           Torrey Smith BAL (@CLE)

43           Greg Jennings MIN (@NO)

44           Andrew Hawkins CLE (vs. BAL)

45           James Jones OAK (@NE)

46           Jermaine Kearse SEA (vs. DEN)

47           Justin Hunter TEN (@CIN)

48           Harry Douglas ATL (vs. TB)[/columnize]

Tight Ends

TE Start of the Week

Martellus Bennett

Martellus Bennett (CHI)

Bennett is off to a fantastic start this season scoring 2 TD’s and he is currently second on the team with targets. His success should continue this week as he faces a Jets team who is struggling with it’s secondary. He is a great start this week.


TE Sit of the Week:


Jason Witten (DAL)

So far this season Witten has been pretty anonymous in the Dallas passing game, and that trend could continue this week against a Rams defence that has only allowed three tight ends to reach double digits in Fantasy points over the past 34 games. I would keep him benched until we see him return to form.


[columnize]1              Jimmy Graham NO (vs. MIN)

2              Rob Gronkowski NE (vs. OAK)

3              Julius Thomas DEN (@SEA)

4              Zach Ertz PHI  (vs. WAS)

5              Antonio Gates SD (@BUF)

6              Greg Olsen CAR  (vs. PIT)

7              Delanie Walker TEN  (@CIN)

8              Martellus Bennett CHI (@NYJ)

9              Kyle Rudolph MIN  (@NO)

10           Dennis Pitta BAL (@CLE)

11           Dwayne Allen IND (@JAC)

12           Larry Donnell NYG (vs. HOU)

13           Niles Paul WAS (@PHI)

14           Jason Witten DAL (@STL)

15           Jared Cook STL (vs. DAL)

16           Derek Carrier SF (@ARI)

17           Travis Kelce KC (@MIA)

18           Heath Miller PIT (@CAR)

19           Owen Daniels BAL (@CLE)

20           Jermaine Gresham CIN (vs. TEN)

21           Charles Clay MIA  (vs. KC)

22           Eric Ebron DET (vs. GB)

23           Brandon Myers TB (@ATL)

24           Scott Chandler BUF (vs. SD)[/columnize]

Week 2 Fantasy Football Questions Answered

Week 1 was full of shocks, from breakout rookies, to disappointing quarterbacks. A week like this may be exciting at the time, but then the fantasy football hangover kicks in as we are left with so many uncertainties regarding the next week. NFL Ireland is going to look at some of the questions bothering fantasy owners this week.

1.Will Allen Hurns repeat his week 1 fantasy heroics?

The biggest surprise of week 1 was probably the performance of undrafted rookie Allen Hurns. He caught 2 touchdowns early in the game against the Eagles on Sunday, but he seemed to disappear after 23 minutes. I can see this disappearing act becoming a regular occurrence for Hurns. It’s important to note that Hurns only had 4 catches in the game. He won’t be able to turn 4 catches into 2 touchdowns every week. I would consider him as no more than a WR3 in very deep leagues. Remember how many people got burned by Kevin Ogletree after week 1 last year?

2.Who is the Browns running back to own?

Terrance West. I know Isiah Crowell had two scores on Sunday, but West is the man getting most of the carries. I would rather depend on a back with the potential to get 100 rushing yards (See week 1), than pin my hopes on a back who needs touchdowns to produce points.

3.Which Saints running back should I start?

Saints running backs will only break your heart. Mark Ingram did look like a great fantasy option last week, but I can’t trust him to do it again. If you play Pierre Thomas, Ingram will have a big game. If you play Ingram, Khiry Robinson will have a big game, and so on. It’s a game of rushing roulette (Excuse the pun), and it’s not for the faint-hearted.

4.Is Knowshon Moreno relevant again?

It seems Moreno’s success wasn’t all about Peyton Manning after all. He put up nearly 20 points in his first game with the Dolphins, and I would rank him as a solid number 2 running back this week. Preseason bust candidate Moreno, is going to spend the rest of the season making his doubters look very foolish.

5.Which quarterbacks are going to bounce back this week?

Bounce-back: Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Tony Romo.

Struggler: RGIII.

It’s fair to blame “The Legion of Boom” for Rodgers’s poor opening day fantasy totals. The Jets should present less of a challenge for him, and he’s obviously a lock to bounce back.

Brady should also return to QB1 status this week in Minnesota. I don’t think we’ll ever see Brady have another half like he did in the second half of Sunday’s game against the Dolphins.

Tony Romo is not going to have a three interception game every week. Romo has a few ugly games every season, you knew that when you drafted him. Don’t read too much into last week’s performance.

RGIII is going to continue his poor form this week. Since his injury, and with that offensive line, I don’t think he can be expected to play at a fantasy QB1 level anymore regardless of his favourable matchup against the Jaguars.

6.Can I trust Mike Wallace this week?

Trust and Mike Wallace aren’t words that I can usually put in the same sentence, but I’m all in on him after his week 1 performance. Wallace seems to be an important part of the new Miami offense, meaning he might finally develop some consistency in his production. He has also scored in 4 of his last 5 games against AFC East opponents. Start him with confidence.

7.Victor Cruz?

I think that’s a question in itself. I don’t think that he’s a decent fantasy option anymore, but that’s not the only issue. This is a question I don’t have an answer for. Why is he considered a top 25 receiver by so many fantasy experts? He hasn’t had consistent production since 2012, and he plays in that awful Giants offense.

8.Was I wrong about Marshawn Lynch and Arian Foster?

I’d prefer not to talk about it.

 9.Does anybody want to submit their own questions?

If they do they can tweet them @NFLIreland or @mcdermottcormac.



Fantasy Football Starts & Sits Week 2

Each week during the season, deciding on who to start for your fantasy team is the most pivotal decision. Each week in my Rankings, Starts and Sits article, I will list the players at each position. This will show you who the best play at each position is. I will also recommend a less obvious player at each position who is primed for a big week, and a player at each position who you should avoid. If you have any start/sit questions fell free to contact me on twitter @JamesMaguire21 where I would be happy to answer all questions.


jake lockerQB Start of the Week
Jake Locker (TEN)
Outside of the elite QB options, Locker is an excellent start this week. He had a great game last week against the Chiefs, and this week he has a brilliant matchup against the Dallas Cowboys. As we saw last week, the Cowboys defence is atrocious and I would fully recommend starting anyone who plays against them. Locker scored over 20 points last week and I would expect him to do the same again this week.



QB Sit of the Week
Robert Griffin III (WAS)
Coming off a disappointing 2013 season, many expected RGIII to bounce back this season. However, after seeing him in the 1st game of the season, it is becoming hard to trust him. He just doesn’t look like the same player who was so explosive in his rookie season. I do have hope that he will get back to his best, but until we see some evidence of this, you need to keep him on your bench. This is especially true this week as he faces a decent Jaguars defence who could put him under a lot of pressure.

Quarterback Rankings:
[columnize]1 Peyton Manning DEN (vs. KC)
2 Andrew Luck IND (vs. PHI)
3 Aaron Rodgers GB (vs. NYJ)
4 Matthew Stafford DET (@CAR)
5 Nick Foles PHI (@IND)
6 Drew Brees NO (@CLE)
7 Matt Ryan ATL (@CIN)
8 Tom Brady NE (@MIN)
9 Jake Locker TEN (vs. DAL)
10 Tony Romo DAL (@TEN)
11 Russell Wilson SEA (@SD)
12 Andy Dalton CIN (vs. ATL)
13 Colin Kaepernick SF (vs. CHI)
14 Carson Palmer ARI (@NYG)
15 Jay Cutler CHI (@SF)
16 Cam Newton CAR (vs. DET)
17 Ben Roethlisberger PIT (@BAL)
18 Ryan Tannehill MIA (@BUF)
19 Philip Rivers SD (vs. SEA)
20 Eli Manning NYG (vs. ARI)
21 Matt Cassel MIN (vs. NE)
22 Robert Griffin III WAS (vs. JAC)
23 Josh McCown TB (vs. STL)
24 Joe Flacco BAL (vs. PIT)[/columnize]

Running Backs

bernardRB Start of the Week
Giovanni Bernard (CIN)
Bernard is coming off a good week 1 performance, where we were able to see that the Bengals are going to give him the bulk of the carries. I would expect him to capitalise on those carries this week as he faces a Falcons team who were the worst in the league against RB’s last season. They looked just as bad against the run when playing the Saints last week, and I would expect Bernard to be one of the top scoring players in the league this week



RB Sit of the Week
Joique Bell (DET)
The Lions do a good job of getting both Bush and Bell involved in their offense, and most weeks they are both good starts. However, this week Bell faces a Carolina defence that is very good against the run. They only gave up 75yards on the ground in week 1 and Bell could struggle to produce this week. Bush could benefit from some screen passes, but I could see Bell having a down week
Running Back Rankings:
[columnize]1 LeSean McCoy PHI (@IND)
2 Montee Ball DEN (vs. KC)
3 Giovani Bernard CIN (vs. ATL)
4 Matt Forte CHI (@SF)
5 Adrian Peterson MIN (vs. NE)
6 Jamaal Charles KC (@DEN)
7 Arian Foster HOU (@OAK)
8 Le’Veon Bell PIT (@BAL)
9 DeMarco Murray DAL (@TEN)
10 Marshawn Lynch SEA (@SD)
11 Shane Vereen NE (@MIN)
12 Knowshon Moreno MIA (@BUF)
13 Eddie Lacy GB (vs. NYJ)
14 Alfred Morris WAS (vs. JAC)
15 Andre Ellington ARI (@NYG)
16 C.J. Spiller BUF (vs. MIA)
17 Frank Gore SF (vs. CHI)
18 Rashad Jennings NYG (vs. ARI)
19 Terrance West CLE (vs. NO)
20 Chris Johnson NYJ (@GB)
21 Toby Gerhart JAC (@WAS)
22 Zac Stacy STL (@TB)
23 Carlos Hyde SF (vs. CHI)
24 Mark Ingram NO (@CLE)
25 Pierre Thomas NO (@CLE)
26 Ryan Mathews SD (vs. SEA)
27 Reggie Bush DET (@CAR)
28 Fred Jackson BUF (vs. MIA)
29 Maurice Jones-Drew OAK (vs. HOU)
30 Lamar Miller MIA (@BUF)
31 Justin Forsett BAL (vs. PIT)
32 Bernard Pierce BAL (vs. PIT)
33 Shonn Greene TEN (vs. DAL)
34 Danny Woodhead SD (vs. SEA)
35 Doug Martin/Bobby Rainey TB (vs. STL)
36 Ahmad Bradshaw IND (vs. PHI)
37 LeGarrette Blount PIT (@BAL)
38 Joique Bell DET (@CAR)
39 Stevan Ridley NE (@MIN)
40 Steven Jackson ATL (@CIN)
41 Darren Sproles PHI (@IND)
42 Chris Ivory NYJ (@GB)
43 Trent Richardson IND (vs. PHI)
44 DeAngelo Williams CAR (vs. DET)
45 Isaiah Crowell CLE (vs. NO)
46 Dexter McCluster TEN (vs. DAL)
47 Jeremy Hill CIN (vs. ATL)
48 Benny Cunningham STL (@TB)[/columnize]

Wide Receivers

fitzWR Start of the Week
Larry Fitzgerald (ARI)
Fitzgerald is coming off a terrible week 1 performance where he only had 1 catch for 22 yards. This will probably tempt some of his owners to bench him; however I would keep him in your line-ups this week as I expect a huge bounce back performance. This week he faces a Giants defence that was torched by the Lions in week one, allowing the 2nd most points to opposing WR’s. Both Fitzgerald and his teammate Floyd are fantastic starts this week.

Bonus Start: Two more great starts this week are Tennessee’s two WR’s Justin Hunter and Kendall Wright. I expect big games from both.

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars-Training CampWR Sit of the Week
Allen Hurns (JAC)
Hurns exploded into the NFL last week with a brilliant performance where he caught 2 TD’s and had over 100 yards. I would advise you to pick him up off your waiver wire, however I would also advise you to keep him on your bench. There have been many relatively unknown WR’s who have had huge week 1 performances over the years, but the majority of them have not continued that production into the season. I would advise you to keep him on your bench until we see if it was just a flash in the pan or if he will be the next star WR.

Wide Receiver Rankings:

[columnize]1 Calvin Johnson DET (@CAR)
2 Demaryius Thomas DEN (vs. KC)
3 A.J. Green CIN (vs. ATL)
4 Dez Bryant DAL (@TEN)
5 Julio Jones ATL (@CIN)
6 Jordy Nelson GB (vs. NYJ)
7 Brandon Marshall CHI (@SF)
8 Antonio Brown PIT (@BAL)
9 Randall Cobb GB (vs. NYJ)
10 Cordarrelle Patterson MIN (vs. NE)
11 Mike Wallace MIA (@BUF)
12 Andre Johnson HOU (@OAK)
13 Emmanuel Sanders DEN (vs. KC)
14 Michael Floyd ARI (@NYG)
15 Vincent Jackson TB (vs. STL)
16 Larry Fitzgerald ARI (@NYG)
17 Justin Hunter TEN (vs. DAL)
18 Alshon Jeffery CHI (@SF)
19 Julian Edelman NE (@MIN)
20 Brandin Cooks NO (@CLE)
21 Percy Harvin SEA (@SD)
22 Roddy White ATL (@CIN)
23 Marques Colston NO (@CLE)
24 Kendall Wright TEN (vs. DAL)
25 Eric Decker NYJ (@GB)
26 Kelvin Benjamin CAR (vs. DET)
27 Jeremy Maclin PHI (@IND)
28 T.Y. Hilton IND (vs. PHI)
29 Pierre Garcon WAS (vs. JAC)
30 Reggie Wayne IND (vs. PHI)
31 Michael Crabtree SF (vs. CHI)
32 Torrey Smith BAL (vs. PIT)
33 DeSean Jackson WAS (vs. JAC)
34 Victor Cruz NYG (vs. ARI)
35 Keenan Allen SD (vs. SEA)
36 Anquan Boldin SF (vs. CHI)
37 Golden Tate DET (@CAR)
38 DeAndre Hopkins HOU (@OAK)
39 Hakeem Nicks IND (vs. PHI)
40 Markus Wheaton PIT (@BAL)
41 Terrance Williams DAL (@TEN)
42 Steve Smith BAL (vs. PIT)
43 Greg Jennings MIN (vs. NE)
44 Allen Hurns JAC (@WAS)
45 Andrew Hawkins CLE (vs. NO)
46 Marqise Lee JAC (@WAS)
47 Jarrett Boykin GB (vs. NYJ)
48 Rod Streater OAK (vs. HOU)[/columnize]

Tight Ends

Ertz could be a good to open the floodgates against the Jags

TE Start of the Week
Zach Ertz (PHI)
I recommended Ertz as one of the best starts last week, and he rewarded his owners with a TD and 77 yards. This week he is a fantastic start again, as he faces a Colts team who gave up 3 TD’s to Broncos TE Julius Thomas last week. Keep him in your lineups.

Martellus Bennett

TE Sit of the Week
Martellus Bennett (CHI)
Bennett is comin off a great week 1, but it could be difficult for him to repeat those numbers this week. He faces a 49ers defence who have been quite good against opposing TE’s and managed to shut down Jason Witten last week.

Tight End Rankings:
[columnize]1 Jimmy Graham NO (@CLE)
2 Julius Thomas DEN (vs. KC)
3 Rob Gronkowski NE (@MIN)
4 Zach Ertz PHI (@IND)
5 Greg Olsen CAR (vs. DET)
6 Vernon Davis SF (vs. CHI)
7 Kyle Rudolph MIN (vs. NE)
8 Dennis Pitta BAL (vs. PIT)
9 Delanie Walker TEN (vs. DAL)
10 Dwayne Allen IND (vs. PHI)
11 Jason Witten DAL (@TEN)
12 Charles Clay MIA (@BUF)
13 Martellus Bennett CHI (@SF)
14 Heath Miller PIT (@BAL)
15 Travis Kelce KC (@DEN)
16 Antonio Gates SD (vs. SEA)
17 Larry Donnell NYG (vs. ARI)
18 Levine Toilolo ATL (@CIN)
19 Andrew Quarless GB (vs. NYJ)
20 Jared Cook STL (@TB)
21 Ladarius Green SD (vs. SEA)
22 Coby Fleener IND (vs. PHI)
23 Mychal Rivera OAK (vs. HOU)
24 Niles Paul WAS (vs. JAC)[/columnize]

2014 Fantasy Football Sleepers: WR and TE

Fantasy Football Sleepers, wide receivers and tightens. The players deep in drafts could make all the difference!

Every year some lesser known players emerge and become critical to your teams chances of winning your league. If you can identify who they might be at this stage of the season, you can be ahead of the curve and have them on your bench and ready to help you when they seize their opportunity. With theses articles I intend to identify a number of players who are going late in drafts or players who could outperform their adp, and could help you win your league. In the second part of this article I will look at Wide Receivers and Tight Ends.

Wide Receivers:
In recent seasons the Wide Receiver positions has become the most important position in Fantasy. With most leagues now adopting ppr settings and NFL teams becoming more pass heavy on offense: wide receivers are scoring more points than ever. Therefore it is crucial to have a good stable of WR’s on your team, and being able to identify the next breakout star could help you to win your title.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Pittsburgh Steelers

Markus Wheaton: PIT
Wheaton was virtually non-existent for the Steelers last season as he battled injuries and found himself buried on the depth chart. This season he figures to be the number 2 option on the Steelers, and should see a huge increase in playing time. He had a strong camp and with Brown as the only other legitimate receiving threat on the team, if Wheaton can step into the role he should be in for a huge season.


DeAndre Hopkins: Hou
A lot of people expected Hopkins to be a star from the minute he stepped onto the field. However it usually takes until the 2nd or 3rd season for WR’s to become fantasy relevant. Hopkins suffered a lot from poor overall play by the Texans last season, but still managed to put up some respectable performances especially early in the season. This season I expect Hopkins to break out in a big way. At 6’1″ and 218 pounds with elite speed, the 27th pick in the 2013 draft should have plenty of opportunity to shine this season. If you can get him on your team, now is the time to do it, before his price goes up.

Other WR Sleepers I like:


Robert Woods: BUF
Woods looks to be behind Watkins and Williams on the depth chart for the Bills, but he had a great pre-season and I can see him taking the number 2 role and possibly outperforming Watkins for this year.


Greg Jennings: MIN
Jennings developed a great rapport with Cassel towards the end of last season and put up some really good numbers. Most players will draft Patterson early in the draft, but Jennings is a bargain late on as he could profit more from their new scheme.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles-Training Camp

Jordan Matthews: PHI
Matthews has looked really good in cap and preseason and the Eagles will try and get the ball into his hands. He should start the season at the number 3 WR on the team, but could push for the number 2 role by the end of the season.

Tight Ends:


Travis Kelce: KC
Kelce missed all of last season due to injury, but he is now healthy and looked good in both pre-season and camp. He is currently listed as the backup to Fasano on the depth chart, but I can see him overtaking him before long. Outside of Bowe and Charles the Chiefs are very limited with their receiving options, so I can see Kelce vastly outperforming his adp.


Kyle Rudolph: MIN
Rudolph was a boom or bust player last season before he went down with an injury, but he has shown that he has the talent to perform at a high level. What I most like about Rudolph this season is that new Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator Norv Turner has a track record of highlighting TE’s in his offense. This is good news for Rudolph who I can see finishing in the top 5 at his position this season.

Other Sleeper TE’s I like:


Zach Ertz: PHI
There have been great reports from the Eagles about how great Ertz is, and he put up a nice showing in pre-season. He finished last season strong, and I expect him to keep improving and be one of this years top TE’s.


Tyler Eifert: CIN
Last season Eifert had to share snaps at TE for the Bengals, and he put up some mediocre fantasy numbers in his rookie season. This season I expect him to emerge and become one of the main receiving options for Dalton.


Eric Ebron: DET
Traditionally rookie TE’s are to be avoided in fantasy as they usually don’t perform. However 1st round selections have a history of performing at a high level. Ebron also landed in the perfect spot with the Lions, so he should have a productive season.

Fantasy Football Starts & Sits Week 1

Our Fantasy Expert James Maguire looks at who should and should not be in your fantasy football team in week 1

Each week during the season, deciding on who to start for your fantasy team is the most pivotal decision, as this determines on whether you will win or not. Each week in my Rankings, Starts and Sits article, I will list the players at each position. This will show you who the best play at each position is. I will also recommend a less obvious player at each position who is primed for a big week, and a player at each position who you should avoid. If you have any start/sit questions fell free to contact me on twitter @JamesMaguire21 where I would be happy to answer all questions.


Can Romo wreck the 49ers opening?

QB Start of the Week
Tony Romo: DAL @ SF
Romo is coming off an injury from last season and is against the 49ers who have traditionally been a defence to avoid. However Romo looked good and fully recovered in preseason. The 49ers defence looks severely depleted and could give up a lot of points to the Cowboys this week. The fact that the Cowboys defence is terrible should also help Romo’s fantasy value, as he will have to keep throwing the ball to keep up with Kaepernick and the 49ers offense. I like Romo a lot this season with his new offensive coordinator and the fact that he scored over 20 points in 5 of his 7 home games last season bodes well for his performance this week.

The Browns will test Big Ben this week!

QB Sit of the Week
Ben Roethlisberger: PIT @ CLE
Roethlisberger should have a decent season, and I expect him to improve as the season goes on. However, this weeks matchup is tricky as he faces a tough Browns defence with Joes Haden covering Antonio Brown. Big Ben only managed 9 points against the Browns at home last season and I could see him finishing in that range again. If I had a better option I would use them, as I would temper expectations for this week.

Quarterbacks Rankings:[columnize]1 Drew Brees NO (@ATL)
2 Jay Cutler CHI (vs. BUF)
3 Matthew Stafford DET (vs. NYG)
4 Peyton Manning DEN (vs. IND)
5 Tony Romo DAL (vs. SF)
6 Andrew Luck IND (@DEN)
7 Tom Brady NE (@MIA)
8 Nick Foles PHI (vs. JAC)
9 Colin Kaepernick SF (@DAL)
10 Matt Ryan ATL (vs. NO)
11 Aaron Rodgers GB (@SEA)
12 Russell Wilson SEA (vs. GB)
13 Geno Smith NYJ (vs. OAK)
14 Robert Griffin III WAS (@HOU)
15 Philip Rivers SD (@ARI)
16 Ben Roethlisberger PIT (vs. CLE)
17 Eli Manning NYG (@DET)
18 Andy Dalton CIN (@BAL)
19 Cam Newton CAR (@TB)
20 Carson Palmer ARI (vs. SD)
21 Alex Smith KC (vs. TEN)
22 Joe Flacco BAL (vs. CIN)
23 Josh McCown TB (vs. CAR)
24 Jake Locker TEN (@KC) . [/columnize]

Running Backs

Time to see if CJ2K can make it work at the Jets

RB Start of the Week
Chris Johnson: NYJ @ Raiders
Johnson has a fantastic matchup this week against a terrible Raiders defence, and I expect him to exploit it. Johnson will have a point to prove on his first start for the Jets and he looked sharp in pre-season. I still believe a lot of his talent remains and the fact that thirteen running backs scored double digit fantasy points against the raiders last season makes Johnson a great start this week.

Tate will struggle against the stout Steelers D

RB Sit of the Week
Ben Tate: CLE @ PIT
Tate has played well during the pre-season and appears to have the no 1 job locked up. However, I still have doubts about Tate’s ability to lead the attack and this weeks matchup is not a favourable one. The Steelers have improved their defence and should stack the line of scrimmage to make the Browns make plays through the the air. All ofthis makes Tate a player to avoid this week.

Running Back Rankings
[columnize]1 Jamaal Charles KC (vs. TEN)
2 LeSean McCoy PHI (vs. JAC)
3 Matt Forte CHI (vs. BUF)
4 Adrian Peterson MIN (@STL)
5 DeMarco Murray DAL (vs. SF)
6 Montee Ball DEN (vs. IND)
7 Marshawn Lynch SEA (vs. GB)
8 Frank Gore SF (@DAL)
9 Zac Stacy STL (vs. MIN)
10 Andre Ellington ARI (vs. SD)
11 Alfred Morris WAS (@HOU)
12 Eddie Lacy GB (@SEA)
13 Arian Foster HOU (vs. WAS)
14 Giovani Bernard CIN (@BAL)
15 Chris Johnson NYJ (vs. OAK)
16 Le’Veon Bell PIT (vs. CLE)
17 Doug Martin TB (vs. CAR)
18 Shane Vereen NE (@MIA)
19 C.J. Spiller BUF (@CHI)
20 Rashad Jennings NYG (@DET)
21 Pierre Thomas NO (@ATL)
22 Ryan Mathews SD (@ARI)
23 Toby Gerhart JAC (@PHI)
24 Reggie Bush DET (vs. NYG)
25 Joique Bell DET (vs. NYG)
26 Stevan Ridley NE (@MIA)
27 Trent Richardson IND (@DEN)
28 Bernard Pierce BAL (vs. CIN)
29 Andre Williams NYG (@DET)
30 Ben Tate CLE (@PIT)
31 Chris Ivory NYJ (vs. OAK)
32 Danny Woodhead SD (@ARI)
33 Darren McFadden OAK (@NYJ)
34 Knowshon Moreno MIA (vs. NE)
35 Maurice Jones-Drew OAK (@NYJ)
36 Steven Jackson ATL (vs. NO)
37 Carlos Hyde SF (@DAL)
38 Fred Jackson BUF (@CHI)
39 Lamar Miller MIA (vs. NE)
40 Dexter McCluster TEN (@KC)
41 Mark Ingram NO (@ATL)
42 Darren Sproles PHI (vs. JAC)
43 Jeremy Hill CIN (@BAL)
44 DeAngelo Williams CAR (@TB)
45 Robert Turbin SEA (vs. GB)
46 LeGarrette Blount PIT (vs. CLE)
47 Shonn Greene TEN (@KC)
48 Ahmad Bradshaw IND (@DEN) [/columnize]


WR Start of the Weekdecker
Eric Decker: NYJ @ OAK

I’m expecting a big season from Decker with his new team as I think that Geno will look to find him often. This weeks matchup is a perfect one for them to start the season, as the Raiders defence is truly awful and the Jets should put up plenty of points. Decker also has a good record against the Raiders, scoring 4 TD’s in his last 5 games against them.


mikeWR Sit of the Week:
Mike Wallace: MIA @ NE
I like Mike Wallace a lot this season, and I think that his chemistry with Tannehill will keep improving. However, I can’t recommend starting him this week as he will lineup opposite Revis. It will be very hard for Wallace to find success against him, so if you start him you will be hoping for a long TD.

Wide Receiver Rankings:
[columnize]1 Calvin Johnson DET (vs. NYG)
2 Dez Bryant DAL (vs. SF)
3 Demaryius Thomas DEN (vs. IND)
4 Brandon Marshall CHI (vs. BUF)
5 A.J. Green CIN (@BAL)
6 Julio Jones ATL (vs. NO)
7 Alshon Jeffery CHI (vs. BUF)
8 Victor Cruz NYG (@DET)
9 Jordy Nelson GB (@SEA)
10 Michael Crabtree SF (@DAL)
11 Antonio Brown PIT (vs. CLE)
12 Larry Fitzgerald ARI (vs. SD)
13 Vincent Jackson TB (vs. CAR)
14 Eric Decker NYJ (vs. OAK)
15 Randall Cobb GB (@SEA)
16 Cordarrelle Patterson MIN (@STL)
17 Michael Floyd ARI (vs. SD)
18 Emmanuel Sanders DEN (vs. IND)
19 Percy Harvin SEA (vs. GB)
20 Marques Colston NO (@ATL)
21 Roddy White ATL (vs. NO)
22 Torrey Smith BAL (vs. CIN)
23 Andre Johnson HOU (vs. WAS)
24 Julian Edelman NE (@MIA)
25 Pierre Garcon WAS (@HOU)
26 Jeremy Maclin PHI (vs. JAC)
27 Terrance Williams DAL (vs. SF)
28 DeSean Jackson WAS (@HOU)
29 Kendall Wright TEN (@KC)
30 Golden Tate DET (vs. NYG)
31 Keenan Allen SD (@ARI)
32 Brandin Cooks NO (@ATL)
33 Reggie Wayne IND (@DEN)
34 Justin Hunter TEN (@KC)
35 Riley Cooper PHI (vs. JAC)
36 Kelvin Benjamin CAR (@TB)
37 Rueben Randle NYG (@DET)
38 Anquan Boldin SF (@DAL)
39 Mike Wallace MIA (vs. NE)
40 T.Y. Hilton IND (@DEN)
41 Mike Evans TB (vs. CAR)
42 Hakeem Nicks IND (@DEN)
43 Jordan Matthews PHI (vs. JAC)
44 Mohamed Sanu CIN (@BAL)
45 Markus Wheaton PIT (vs. CLE)
46 Jarrett Boykin GB (@SEA)
47 Cecil Shorts JAC (@PHI)
48 Cody Latimer DEN (vs. IND)[/columnize]

TE Start of the Week
Zach Ertz: PHI @ JACzach
I expect Ertz to have a huge season, and he looked outstanding in pre-season. He should get off to a flying start against a Jaguars defence who had trouble stopping TE’s all of last season. I would expect Foles to look for him often against a defence that allowed over 1000 yards to TE’s last year.

TE Sit of the Week
Heath Miller: PIT @ CLEmiller
A lot of people are recommending Miller as a good sleeper this season, but I don’t like him at all. I especially don’t like him this week against a tough Browns defence, where I can see him struggling. He also has a poor record against the Browns with under 4 fantasy points in 4 of his last 5 games against them.

Tight End Rankings:
[columnize]1 Jimmy Graham NO (@ATL)
2 Rob Gronkowski NE (@MIA)
3 Julius Thomas DEN (vs. IND)
4 Vernon Davis SF (@DAL)
5 Zach Ertz PHI (vs. JAC)
6 Jordan Reed WAS (@HOU)
7 Jason Witten DAL (vs. SF)
8 Greg Olsen CAR (@TB)
9 Kyle Rudolph MIN (@STL)
10 Jordan Cameron CLE (@PIT)
11 Antonio Gates SD (@ARI)
12 Dennis Pitta BAL (vs. CIN)
13 Travis Kelce KC (vs. TEN)
14 Dwayne Allen IND (@DEN)
15 Heath Miller PIT (vs. CLE)
16 Martellus Bennett CHI (vs. BUF)
17 Charles Clay MIA (vs. NE)
18 Delanie Walker TEN (@KC)
19 Ladarius Green SD (@ARI)
20 Austin Seferian-Jenkins TB (vs. CAR)
21 Eric Ebron DET (vs. NYG)
22 Garrett Graham HOU (vs. WAS)
23 Jared Cook STL (vs. MIN)
24 Scott Chandler BUF (@CHI)[/columnize]

Fantasy Draft Guide 2014 Rounds 4-7

We continue our Fantasy Draft Guide 2014 Rounds 4-7

Round 4

Round 4 is going to see many running backs and receivers going off the board, but Andrew

If Luck is still on the board, you've got to take him!
If Luck is still on the board, you’ve got to take him!

Luck or Julius Thomas are also being taken here in fantasy drafts. Luck continues to improve and gives you a high end QB1 with big upside for a lower price tag than the “Big 3” of Brees, Manning, and Rodgers .Thomas could have an even bigger role in the Denver offense this season, after finishing second among fantasy tight ends last time out. Both are solid options in round 4.

Value Pick: Andre Ellington- Ellington is set to be a huge part of both the Cardinals’ rushing and passing game this season. As a rookie, he rushed for 652 yards and three touchdowns, but he also managed 371 yards through the air. He should be a high-end RB2 this season, despite a potential lack of goal-line work. Bruce Arians says he’s going to give Ellington 20-plus touches per game, which is a great sign for his fantasy value.

Round 5

The 5th round in drafts is bursting with bust candidates. Larry Fitzgerald isn’t the WR1 he used to be, and is likely to see his numbers fall further with the emergence of Michael Floyd in Arizona. Victor Cruz barely made it into the top 30 fantasy receivers last year. Who knows what C.J Spiller will do this season? Tread lightly in round 5.

Value Pick: Keenan Allen- Allen was a top 20 receiver last season. I see no reason why

Keenan Allen could be a big steal in the middle rounds
Keenan Allen could be a big steal in the middle rounds

he won’t be even better this year. We need only look at the emergence of Josh Gordon, Alshon Jeffery, and T.Y. Hilton in 2013 to see the breakout potential of second year receivers in the NFL. Allen had over 1000 yards to go with 8 touchdowns in his first season. If he improves as expected he’ll be great value in the 5th round.

Bust: Wes Welker- Welker is being drafted in the 5th round in most leagues, and I don’t understand why. He finished 23rd in fantasy points among wide receivers, but in drafts he’s being treated as the 17th best at the position. His prospects aren’t exactly improving either. He’s 33 years old, and injuries are starting to get to him. I’d rather take a risk on a breakout candidate like Keenan Allen, than settle for a declining Welker.

Round 6

There are four quarterbacks with ADPs in round 6. I think Brady and Stafford will bounce back this year, but I would stay away from RGIII, and Newton in this round. I would wait a few rounds for somebody like Rivers or Cutler, rather than reach for these guys.

Value Pick: Cordarrelle Patterson- On average, Patterson is being taken at the top of the 6th round in fantasy leagues. When we consider the fact that he scored more fantasy points than any other receiver over the last four weeks of the 2013 season, this seems like a bargain. Of course, there is a huge risk factor here, but in Minnesota’s new Norv Turner offense (See Josh Gordon 2013) Patterson could explode. If he’s still around in the 6th, don’t hesitate.

Bust: DeSean Jackson- I know he’s coming off a huge season in Philadelphia, but this

Jackson could get you and the Redskins in trouble if you're relying on him!
Jackson could get you and the Redskins in trouble if you’re relying on him!

move to Washington lowers his value. He’ll be competing with Pierre Garcon for receptions, and I’m not sure RGIII will be back at his best either. I know we shouldn’t take preseason games too seriously, but what I’ve seen of the Redskins offense so far has me worried. He produced 1,332 receiving yards and 9 touchdowns in Chip Kelly’s hurry-up offense, but in DC he will find it difficult to replicate those totals.

Round 7

Both the San Francisco and Carolina defences have ADPs in this round, but I think this is way too early to even consider picking a defence. Stack up depth on offense first, as there will be plenty of decent defences available later on. If worst comes to worst you can always use the pool of free agent defences to play the matchups.

Value Pick: Toby Gerhart- Gerhart is not the most talented back in the league, but for a fantasy running back, that’s not the end of the world. Gerhart has something far more important: guaranteed touches. He’s expected to be one of the few feature backs in the league, and even if his play is unspectacular, I expect him to put up solid WR2 numbers. He’s going at the top of the 7th round in drafts, but I would be happy to reach for him in the 6th if I needed a running back.

Bust: Bishop Sankey – Sankey is unproven at this level. He has already struggled with ball security in training camp, and he hasn’t been running the ball much in preseason either. There’s no way I’m taking a rookie, who might not even start this year, in the 7th round. I’ll accept that his competition in Tennessee is weak, but that doesn’t instantly make him a viable option this year.