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Friday Videos

Friday videos are back! Hopefully we can find enough videos every week to keep it going this year! JJ Watt is scary C’mon Man David Wilson’s TD and backflip The League ads Fuck Cleveland Night Impressive kicking skills Greg Jenning’s Old Spice Ad Jay Cutler doesn’t seem so unlikeable

Some videos to help you through the slowest hour of the week; Friday 4pm-5pm!

Pats fans may want to not watch the first couple…

Superbowl 42 – New England Patriots vs. New York Giants

Gronking – Rob Gronkowski Spikes to the 1812 Overture

The Catch – Dwight Clark’s winning touchdown catch for the 49ers against the Cowboys for the NFC 20 years ago

Another week another Friday Videos post, bringing you the best american football videos from the far corners of the internet (well mainly youtube!).