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Shamrock Bowl Final: Trinity College Dublin 0 – Belfast Trojans 7   The coveted Waterford Crystal Bowl made its way back to Belfast as the Trojans overcame a tough and spirited Trinity College side, as the defending champions grinded out a 7-0 win in front of 1,500 fans in Tallaght

When evaluating English Essays (he wasn’t referring to mine of course…..), my teacher was fond of using the words “unmitigated disaster”, I think that sums up the game last Sunday from the Buccaneers side of things. There are several things which show a lack of preparedness, the safety, the Jets’

Going into the late kickoff on Sunday, the Giants were 4 and 0 at Jerryfield. That said, the Cowboys record in opening games against the G-men may of has Dallas fans quietly confident, omens aside, this is was a game with much anticipation. The game started off well for Dallas as
Colin Kaepernick

After a relatively substandard wildcard weekend last week, the divisional round did not disappoint.

Right from the outset this game kicked off at a much faster pace than the previous match up as the Vikings started their opening drive with 8 run plays before calling a time-out. Seemingly the team, in their first drive at least, was benefitting from having Joe Webb in as

As expected this game began slowly with the Texans taking a 6-0 lead off of two early field goals. Throughout the first quarter the Texans defence has been dominant, keeping the Bengals passing attack to -17 yards at one stage. However early in the second quarter a pivotal series of

Matthew Carolan recaps the New York Giants win over the Green Bay Packers last night

Matthew Carolan recaps the Chicago Bears defeat at the hands of the San Francisco 49ers

Another great weekend of NFL is nearly over, here’s five interesting bits I took away from the week 10 action.