Power Rankings 9-16

Chip Kelly and the Eagles look to push into the elite level of teams but they are 9th in our Power Rankings  #16 Dallas Cowboys Another 8-8 season?  Maybe +/- 2.  The Cowboys are another enigma in the sense that they have the potential to grab another two wins, but also another two losses.  On […]

Power Rankings 24-17

Power Rankings for the not so terrible group of team in the NFL   #24 Washington Redskins The Redskins are coming off a a disastrous 2013 season. RG3 looked a shadow of his rookie glory and the offence that worked so well in 2012 fell apart. The Skins front office cleared out this offseason. Gone […]

Power Rankings 25-32

Jacksonville are the bottom in our Power Rankings  can they move up? Here is 25-32  #32 Jacksonville Jaguars If Blake Bortles was the starting quarterback, this #32 would rise to at least #28 and the Jaguars could battle the Titans for second place in the AFC South, but he is not and Chad Henne is, which might […]