There are so many fantasy football experts out there these days, selling their rankings, projections and online tools to help you win your league. So who do you listen to?

If you’ve been playing fantasy football long enough, I’m sure you’ve heard of Fantasy Pros. If not, simply ranks a host of fantasy experts accuracy each week based on their weekly rankings.

Like Google they don’t reveal how they compile their rankings, but it’s the best source of accuracy analysis for fantasy football pundits.

Now, the power of this site is you can use the “wisdom of the crowd”, that’s the theory that the collective opinion of a group of individuals rather than that of a single expert is more accurate, to help your team each week.

Fantasy Pros also publishes¬†consensus rankings;¬†which are all the experts’ rankings pulled together and averaged out. This can be a great resource for deciding your teams line up. But you can take this tool even further. You can actually aggregate selected experts rankings.

Similar to Poker, as Matt Damon’s character in Rounders states “Why do you think the same five guys make it to the final table of the World Series of Poker every year?”, when you look at the consistency rankings at the end of the year the same few names pop up again and again.

So to give you that extra edge, I’ve compiled the last 4 years of expert rankings and have identified the most consistent.

Here’s a list of all experts who have made the top 50 in each of the last 4 years:

  • Sablich Brothers
  • Jeff Ratcliffe
  • John Paulsen
  • Ken Zalis
  • Mike Clay
  • David Dodds
  • Chet Gresham
  • Scott Pianowski
  • Pat Fitzmaurice
  • Site Projections – Numberfire

And here is a list of the Most Appearances in the Top 10:

Top 10 Appearances
1 Sablich Brothers 4
2 Jeff Ratcliffe 3
3 John Paulsen 3
4 Ken Zalis 2
5 Mike Clay 2
6 Justin Boone 2
7 David Dodds 2
8 Mike Tagliere 2
9 Jake Ciely 2
10 Patrick Daugherty 2
11 Sean Koerner 2


If you’d like to go through the rough numbers, I’ve a google doc with fantasy football expert multi year consistency rankings.

You can now use this to go to Fantasy Pros rankings, and filter using the “Pick Experts” button to select the most consistently accurate experts.

Let us know which fantasy experts you swear by?