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[caption id="attachment_7628" align="alignleft" width="365"]IAFL Scoring Chart Scorers of every touchdown, safety, field goal and point after country wide[/caption]

Direct link to the IAFL 1 here and IAFL 2 here[/column]

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[caption id="attachment_7629" align="alignright" width="365"]IAFL ToW The very best performers from all 3 divisions are here in NFL-Ireland Team of the Week[/caption]

Catch up on the season of Team of the Week here[/column]


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This Weekends Fixtures


League Tables

League tables for the SBC North and SBC South and also IAFL 1 & 2. The all important SBC Combined Table

[accordion title='SBC North'][league_table 7276][/accordion] [accordion title='SBC South'][league_table 7921][/accordion] [accordion title='IAFL 1'][league_table 9853][/accordion] [accordion title='IAFL 2'][league_table 9918][/accordion] [accordion title='SBC Combined'][league_table 9852][/accordion]



Results in all divisions for the 2015 season.

[accordion title='SBC Results 2015'][event_list 9796][/accordion]
[accordion title='IAFL 1 Results 2015'][event_list 9870][/accordion]
[accordion title='IAFL 2 Results 2015'][event_list 9870][/accordion]

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