IAFL 2 Scoring Charts 2015

Scorers are reported to us by the teams themselves. If you spot a mistake or something that needs to be corrected please let us know. steve@nfl-ireland.com

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Kris DonaghyBelfast TrojansQuarterback9
Eoin WhelanSouth Kildare SoldiersQuarterback6
Ray BourkeUL VikingsQuarterback3
Nic YoungDonegal/Derry VipersQuarterback3
Martin DavorenGalway WarriorsQuarterback2
Mark McVeighBelfast TrojansQuarterback1
James O'DeaUL VikingsQuarterback1
Nathan PurcellSouth Kildare SoldiersQuarterback1
Peter BurkeSouth Kildare SoldiersKicker1
Simon LynskeyGalway WarriorsMultiple1
Jonathan SiriBelfast TrojansRunning Back10
Matt ArmstrongBelfast TrojansRunning Back8
Gareth GavinDonegal/Derry VipersRunning Back41
Eoin WhealanSouth Kildare SoldiersQuarterback41
Nic YoungDonegal/Derry VipersQuarterback41
Peter RobertsBelfast TrojansRunning Back4
Kris DonaghyBelfast TrojansQuarterback3
Dara MoranSouth Kildare SoldiersFull Back3
Derm BrownDonegal/Derry VipersRunning Back1
Ray BurkeUL VikingsQuarterback1
Cathal CreavenGalway WarriorsRunning Back1
Christopher DalzellGalway WarriorsRunning Back1
Donal HanleyGalway WarriorsFull Back1
Federico JeloUL VikingsRunning Back1
Tom MontgomeryBelfast TrojansTight End4
Lee MoreSouth Kildare SoldiersWide Receiver31
Chris McKeownBelfast TrojansWide Receiver2
Rob HarringtonGalway WarriorsWide Receiver11
Matt ArmstongBelfast TrojansRunning Back1
Ian CahillUL VikingsWide Receiver1
Stephen CheeversBelfast TrojansWide Receiver1
Thomas ComiskeyDonegal/Derry VipersWide Receiver1
Cathal CravenGalway WarriorsRunning Back1
Richard CroninUL VikingsWide Receiver1
Mark GreyDonegal/Derry VipersTight End1
Finn KearnsUL VikingsWide Receiver1
Jay KellyUL VikingsWide Receiver1
James LynnBelfast TrojansWide Receiver1
Conor MaloneSouth Kildare SoldiersWide Receiver1
Dara MoranSouth Kildare SoldiersFull Back1
Corey McNamaraSouth Kildare SoldiersWide Receiver1
Gary MellyDonegal/Derry VipersWide Receiver1
Nathan PurcellSouth Kildare SoldiersWide Receiver1
Andrew WrightBelfast TrojansWide Receiver1
Special Teams
Jonah SiriBelfast TrojansReturner530
Matt ArmstrongBelfast TrojansReturner212
Greg GibsonBelfast TrojansKicker1212
Robert TubmanBelfast TrojansKicker9112
Peter BurkeSouth Kildare SoldiersKicker619
Gary MellyDonegal/DerryKicker215
Gareth Gavin Donegal/Derry VipersKicker22
Darragh O'CallaghanUL VikingsKicker22
Cathal CravenGalway WarriorsKicker11
Darren GibsonDonegal/Derry VipersKicker11
Kevin TarrDonegal/Derry VipersKicker11
Christopher DalzellGalway WarriorsDefensive Back1
Simon LynskeyGalway WarriorsDefensive Back1
Jonah SiriBelfast TrojansDefensive End1
Mohammad RamadanBelfast TrojansDefensive Tackle1

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