Shamrock Bowl Conference Scoring Charts 2015

Scoring Chart

Scoring info is reported to us by the teams themselves. If you spot a mistake or something that needs to be corrected please let us know.

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James McKelveyBelfast TrojansQuarterback20
Peter LoughranCraigavon CowboysQuarterback102
Andrew DennehyDublin RebelsQuarterback101
Tom DonovanUCDQuarterback101
Ian CahillUL VikingsQuarterback8
Dan FinnamoreTrinity CollegeQuarterback61
Josh DavisCarrickfergus KnightsQuarterback4
Rob McDowellTrinity CollegeQuarterback/RunningBack4
Luke BaileyNorth Kildare ReapersQuarterback3
Spencer McDowellCarrickfergus KnightsQuarterback3
Arun MooneyWest Dublin RhinosQuarterback2
Ray BourkeUL VikingsQuarterback11
Kevin DuffyUCDQuarterback1
Paul McDonaghTrinity CollegeQuarterback1
Stephen MooneyWest Dublin RhinosQuarterback1
Alastair NixonCarrickfergus KnightsRunning Back1
Mick DuncanSouth Dublin PanthersQuarterback1
Shane GleesonUL VikingsRunning Back8
Sean LeamyDublin RebelsMultiple73
Ola BademosiTrinity CollegeRunning Back71
Neil MontgomeryBelfast TrojansFull Back 7
Gareth MillerCarrickfergus Knights Running Back6
Kevin FinneganDublin RebelsRunning Back53
Tom DonovanUCDQuarterback51
Peter LoughranCraigavon CowboysQuarterback51
Matt ArmstrongBelfast TrojansRunning Back5
Brian Du ToitTrinity CollegeRunning Back5
Rob McDowellTrinity CollegeQuarterback/Running Back5
David ColvinBelfast TrojansRunning Back4
Adrian GarveyUL VikingsRunning Back4
Mick DuncanSouth Dublin PanthersQuarterback3
James McKelveyBelfast TrojansQuarterback 3
Johnathan SiriBelfast TrojansRunning Back3
Agustas ZigmantaviciusSouth Dublin PanthersFull Back3
Ian CahillUL VikingsQuarterback2
Eoin HeatleyCarrickfergus KnightsRunning Back2
Wello OmoSouth Dublin PanthersMultiple2
Sean DouglasDublin RebelsMultiple11
Conor HanrahanUCDRunning Back11
Danny Lucas JohnstonUCDRunning Back11
Dave MurphyUCDRunning Back11
Glen CarrUL VikingsFull Back1
Marc AshworthUL VikingsMultiple1
Oisin Russell ConwayWest Dublin RhinosRunning Back1
Roeland De ConinckNorth Kildare ReapersFull Back1
Carlos DelgadoCraigavon CowboysRunning Back1
Peter RobertsBelfast TrojansRunning Back1
Paul GroganDublin RebelsMultiple1
Steve WalshDublin RebelsFull Back1
David RichardsonBelfast TrojansWide Receiver11
Sean GoldrickUL VikingsWide Receiver5
Luis AlbertoCraigavon CowboysWide Receiver42
Alex GurneeTrinity CollegeWide Receiver41
David ColvinBelfast TrojansRunning Back4
Alvaro MartinezUL VikingsWide Receiver31
Paul GeraghtyUCDWide Receiver3
Chris IrelandCarrickfergus KnightsWide Receiver3
Conor O'DwyerTrinity CollegeWide Receiver3
Conrad SmithCraigavon CowboysTight End3
Marty CaskeyCarrickfergus KnightsWide Receiver2
Stephen CulliganUCDWide Receiver2
Kris DonaghyBelfast TrojansWide Receiver2
Sean DouglasDublin RebelsWide Receiver2
Phil HensonCarrickfergus KnightsTightend2
Peter KeelyDublin RebelsWide Receiver2
Sean LeamyDublin RebelsMultiple2
Daniel MurphyTrinity CollegeWide Receiver2
Gavin QuirkeUCDWide Receiver2
Dave BennetUCDWide Receiver11
Jack FaganDublin RebelsWide Receiver11
Stefan BrownCarrickfergus KnightsTight End1
Ross CarrickWest Dublin RhinosTightend1
Adrian CassidyBelfast TrojansWide Receiver1
Darragh ConwayUCDWide Receiver1
Christian CowanCraigavon CowboysWide Receiver1
Steven DavidsonCarrickfergus KnightsWide Receiver1
Ryan DohertyNorth Kildare ReapersWide Receiver1
Josh DowlingNorth Kildare ReapersWide Receiver1
Oisin DowlingTrinity CollegeWide Receiver1
Kevin FinneganDublin RebelsRunning Back1
Ciaran Fitzpatrick Dublin RebelsWide Receiver1
Phil GunningCarrickfergus KnightsFull Back1
Conor HanrahanUCDRunning Back1
Ciaran HeneghanNorth Kildare ReapersWide Receiver 1
Andrew HerronCraigavon CowboysRunning Back1
Danny Lucas JohnstonUCDRunning Back1
Finn KearnsUL VikingsWide Receiver1
James LynnBelfast TrojansWide Receiver1
Sean MillerWest Dublin RhinosWide Receiver1
Neil MontgomeryBelfast TrojansFull Back1
Peter QuinlanTrinity CollegeTight End1
Paddy RoachWest Dublin RhinosWide Receiver1
Ryan WhitesideCraigavon CowboysWide Receiver1
Eamon FennellSouth Dublin PanthersTight End1
Special Teams
Greg GibsonBelfast TrojansKicker20226
Johnathan SiriBelfast TrojansReturner318
Rick DufieldBelfast TrojansKicker8214
Adrian GarveyUL VikingsKicker9112
Conor McGinnTrinity CollegeKicker6212
Peter QuinlanTrinity CollegeKicker9112
Conor HanrahanUCDKicker5211
Mick DuncanSouth Dublin PanthersKicker4210
Marty CaskeyCarrickfergus KnightsKicker99
Darragh O'CallaghanUL VikingsKicker88
Matt ArmstrongBelfast TrojansReturner16
Paul GroganDublin RebelsReturner16
Ciaran HeneghanNorth Kildare ReapersKicker26
Luis AlbertoCraigavon CowboysKicker55
Andrew McMahonUL VikingsKicker114
Gerard O'LearyDublin RebelsKicker114
Robert TubmanBelfast TrojansKicker44
Paul HosfordWest Dublin RhinoKicker22
Ryan DohertyNorth Kildare ReapersKicker11
Christopher MikhaelBelfast TrojansSafety1
Eoin NevilleSouth Dublin PanthersLinebacker1
Chris WeirBelfast TrojansLinebacker1
Conor WhitlaBelfast TrojansLinebacker1
John WaylandCarrickfergus KnightsLinebacker1
Anthony BurkeSouth Dublin PanthersDefensive End2
Conrad CookSouth Dublin PanthersLinebacker1
Damien GillessenNorth Kildare ReapersLinebacker1
Neil GrahamBelfast TrojansLinebacker1
Lee MustoeCraigavon CowboysLinebacker1
Thomas O'HaraTrinity CollegeDefensive End1
Christopher PerretBelfast TrojansDefensive Tackle1
MultipleBelfast TrojansDefence1

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