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2015 we hardly knew ye, all that is left now is Shamrock Bowl 29 and then we face into the bleak off season. Winter training, frozen fields, rain, wind and the true face of football in Ireland. The heroes of Summer are built in the Winter and with all but two teams now focused on 2016, we look now to the heroes of 2015. NFL-Ireland are proud to announce our inaugural Most Valuable Player Awards for the Shamrock Bowl Conference, IAFL 1 and IAFL 2.

2015 Shamrock Bowl Conference Most Valuable Player

James McKelvey

Photography by Dave Bradshaw
Photography by Dave Bradshaw

#1 is number one. The Trojans are with out a doubt the standard of the last number of years. The bar has been reset in recent times by the team from Belfast and while some have come close nobody has cleared that bar to date. At the helm of an offence that has scored 147 points more than the nearest rival (that is 21 touchdowns worth), there is no doubt that McKelvey is among the elite of Irish Quarterbacks. 20 Touchdown Passes sets #1 above all signal callers this season. His 3 rushing touchdowns by way of sneaks is the cherry on top of an extremely fine season. Andy Dennehy, Peter Loughran and Tom Donovan all deserve mention in conversations about the best quarterback but James has doubled all of their passing totals and carried with him perhaps the best offence assembled on this island. It is no surprise that in this run first league, McKelvey’s favourite target, Dave Richardson has topped all skill position players in touchdowns scored.

2015 IAFL 1 Most Valuable Player

Stephen Hayes

Photo by Declan Forrest
Photo by Declan Forrest

25 Touchdown Passes, we could honestly end our summary there. That is impressive enough. What is more impressive is that #12 is the offensive coordinator, play caller and he wrote the offensive playbook. If you are not the sort that is easily impressed, we offer up that Stephen is 23 years old and his offence has produced more than double that of the next best unit and a large proportion of that has come from the right arm of #12. Hayes is without doubt one of the brightest talents at any position in the country. He has earned his place in the National set up and to be achieving so much while still at such a young age defies logic. Unfortunately his quality couldn’t carry the Admirals back to the promised land of the SBC but Hayes has had such a fine season that falling at the last hurdle may prove to be the spark that pushes him and the admirals onto greater things in 2016’s campaign.

IAFL 2 Most Valuable Player

Johnathan Siri

Photo by Lyndsay McVeigh
Photo by Lyndsay McVeigh

Earlier in the year we asked some of his Trojan team mates about Johnathan Siri and our favourite response was ‘he’s like having cheat codes’ Mike Vick in Madden 2004. Bo Jackson in Temco Bowl and now we have Johnathan Siri in IAFL 2. Siri rushed for 10 touchdowns in the regular season and then put on his best Devin Hester and scored 5 return touchdowns on Special Teams. Oh yeah….he got one playing defence too. The only question remains is, has anyone asked him to play quarterback yet? Siri also had 2 touchdowns in the Bowl Game. Making his cameo in IAFL 2 perhaps one of the more dominating performances across a season that we’ve witnessed in the IAFL. Siris game changing ability on all sides of the ball is rare. Gifted players such as this often prove headaches for coaches as to where best to deploy them, the Trojan Coaching staff have gone for the ‘Everywhere’ option. As his eligibility for IAFL 2 expires Johnathan Siri is a name we expect to hear much more of in the Shamrock Bowl Conferences (and likely Shamrock Bowls) for years to come.

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