SBC Scoring Chart 2016

We’re really thankful for the help we receive in putting together this chart from the teams and Coaches out there but do let us know if you spot a mistake or something that needs to be corrected please let us know.


NameTeamPositionTD2 PAT
James McKelveyTrojansTsmall Belfast TrojansQuarterback9
Andy DennehyDublin Rebels Dublin RebelsQuarterback72
Tom Donovanthumb_UCDlogo UCDQuarterback7
Stephen Alexanderthumb_TCDlogo TrinityQuarterback4
Miguel Angelthumb_TCDlogo TrinityQuarterback4
Ian CahillUniversity of Limerick Vikings UL VikingsQuarterback3
Josh DavisCarrickfergus Knights Carrickfergus Knights Quarterback3
Peter LoughranCraigavon Cowboys Craigavon CowboysQuarterback21
Damien Gillesenthumb_reapersLogo2 North Kildare ReapersQuarterback1
Mark McVeighTrojansTsmall Belfast TrojansQuarterback1
Tosan Memuduaghanthumb_panthers South Dublin PanthersQuarterback1


NameTeamPositionTD2 PAT
Wello OmoDublin Rebels Dublin RebelsRunning Back88
Sean LeamyDublin Rebels Dublin RebelsRunning Back54
Johnathan SiriTrojansTsmall Belfast TrojansRunning Back5
Tom Donovanthumb_UCDlogo UCDQuarterback42
Shane Gleesonthumb_ULlogo UL VikingsRunning Back3
Philip Poillotthumb_ULlogo UL VikingsRunning Back3
Alfie O'Sullivanthumb_UCDlogo UCDRunning Back22
Matt ArmstrongTrojansTsmall Belfast TrojansRunning Back2
Roeland de Coninck13106579_980297698750961_293096161_o.png North Kildare ReapersRunning Back2
Gareth MillarCarrickfergus Knights Carrickfergus KnightsRunning Back2
Ola Bademosithumb_TCDlogo TrinityRunning Back1
David ColvinTrojansTsmall Belfast TrojansRunning Back/Wide Receiver1
Sean DouglasDublin Rebels Dublin RebelsRunning Back1
Damien Gillesenthumb_reapersLogo2 North Kildare ReapersQuarterback1
Andy HerronCraigavon Cowboys Craigavon CowboysRunningback1
Santi Lopez Diazthumb_TCDlogo TrinityRunning Back1
Peter LoughranCraigavon Cowboys Craigavon CowboysQuarterback1
Darren MontgomeryCarrickfergus Knights Carrickfergus KnightsFull Back1
Neil MontgomeryTrojansTsmall Belfast TrojansFull Back1
Alastair NixonCarrickfergus Knights Carrickfergus KnightsRunning Back1
Matthew Glenthumb_UCDlogo UCDRunning Back1
Mike MullalyUniversity of Limerick Vikings UL VikingsKicker1


NameTeamPositionTD2 PAT
Conor O'Dwyerthumb_TCDlogo TrinityTight End6
Paul GroganDublin Rebels Dublin RebelsWide Receiver31
Marty CaskeyCarrickfergus Knights Carrickfergus KnightsWide Receiver3
David ColvinTrojansTsmall Belfast TrojansRunning Back/Wide Receiver3
Liam JeterDublin Rebels Dublin RebelsWide Receiver21
Dave Bennetthumb_UCDlogo UCDWide Receiver2
Ray BourkeUniversity of Limerick Vikings UL VikingsWide Receiver2
Conor FearonTrojansTsmall Belfast TrojansTight End2
Sean LeamyDublin Rebels Dublin RebelsRunning Back2
Jack MillarTrojansTsmall Belfast TrojansWide Receiver2
Aodhan Mullanthumb_UCDlogo UCDWide Receiver2
David RichardsonTrojansTsmall Belfast TrojansWide Receiver2
Conrad SmithCraigavon Cowboys Craigavon CowboysTight End11
Luis AlbertoCraigavon Cowboys Craigavon CowboysWide Receiver1
Steven Culliganthumb_UCDlogo UCDWide Receiver1
Sean GoldrickUniversity of Limerick Vikings UL VikingsWide Receiver1
Danny Johnsonthumb_UCDlogo UCDWide Receiver1
John Kellythumb_reapersLogo2 North Kildare ReapersWide Receiver1
Neil McCombTrojansTsmall Belfast TrojansWide Receiver1
Eoin Nevillethumb_panthers South Dublin PanthersWide Receiver1
Gavin Quirkethumb_UCDlogo UCDWide Receiver1
John Quirkethumb_TCDlogo TrinityWide Receiver1
Pavel Rozmanthumb_TCDlogo TrinityWide Receiver1

Special Teams

Mike Mullalythumb_ULlogo UL VikingsKicker74
Rick DuffieldTrojansTsmall Belfast TrojansKicker17
Johnathan SiriTrojansTsmall Belfast TrojansReturner2
Marty CaskeyCarrickfergus Knights Carrickfergus KnightsKicker7
Matt ArmstrongTrojansTsmall Belfast TrojansReturner1
Conor Hanrahanthumb_UCDlogo UCDKicker3
Peter Quinlanthumb_TCDlogo TrinityKicker3
Luis AlbertoCraigavon Cowboys Craigavon CowboysKicker1
James GallagherTrojansTsmall Belfast TrojansKicker1
John Kellythumb_reapersLogo2 North Kildare ReapersKicker1
Phil Tobinthumb_panthers South Dublin PanthersKicker1


Lewis Barrettthumb_UCDlogo UCDSafety1
Conrad CookDublin Rebels Dublin RebelsLinebacker1
Johnathan Cooke1385595_356624587805319_128490252_n Carrickfergus KnightsSafety1
Andy Healythumb_panthers South Dublin PanthersLinebacker1
James Lynamthumb_reapersLogo2 North Kildare ReapersDefensive Line1