We’re really thankful for the help we receive in putting together this chart from the teams and Coaches out there but do let us know if you spot a mistake or something that needs to be corrected please let us know. steve@nfl-ireland.com


NameTeamPositionTD2 PAT
James McKelveyTrojansTsmall Belfast TrojansQuarterback9
Andy DennehyDublin Rebels Dublin RebelsQuarterback72
Tom Donovanthumb_UCDlogo UCDQuarterback7
Stephen Alexanderthumb_TCDlogo TrinityQuarterback4
Miguel Angelthumb_TCDlogo TrinityQuarterback4
Ian CahillUniversity of Limerick Vikings UL VikingsQuarterback3
Josh DavisCarrickfergus Knights Carrickfergus Knights Quarterback3
Peter LoughranCraigavon Cowboys Craigavon CowboysQuarterback21
Damien Gillesenthumb_reapersLogo2 North Kildare ReapersQuarterback1
Mark McVeighTrojansTsmall Belfast TrojansQuarterback1
Tosan Memuduaghanthumb_panthers South Dublin PanthersQuarterback1


NameTeamPositionTD2 PAT
Wello OmoDublin Rebels Dublin RebelsRunning Back88
Sean LeamyDublin Rebels Dublin RebelsRunning Back54
Johnathan SiriTrojansTsmall Belfast TrojansRunning Back5
Tom Donovanthumb_UCDlogo UCDQuarterback42
Shane Gleesonthumb_ULlogo UL VikingsRunning Back3
Philip Poillotthumb_ULlogo UL VikingsRunning Back3
Alfie O'Sullivanthumb_UCDlogo UCDRunning Back22
Matt ArmstrongTrojansTsmall Belfast TrojansRunning Back2
Roeland de Coninck13106579_980297698750961_293096161_o.png North Kildare ReapersRunning Back2
Gareth MillarCarrickfergus Knights Carrickfergus KnightsRunning Back2
Ola Bademosithumb_TCDlogo TrinityRunning Back1
David ColvinTrojansTsmall Belfast TrojansRunning Back/Wide Receiver1
Sean DouglasDublin Rebels Dublin RebelsRunning Back1
Damien Gillesenthumb_reapersLogo2 North Kildare ReapersQuarterback1
Andy HerronCraigavon Cowboys Craigavon CowboysRunningback1
Santi Lopez Diazthumb_TCDlogo TrinityRunning Back1
Peter LoughranCraigavon Cowboys Craigavon CowboysQuarterback1
Darren MontgomeryCarrickfergus Knights Carrickfergus KnightsFull Back1
Neil MontgomeryTrojansTsmall Belfast TrojansFull Back1
Alastair NixonCarrickfergus Knights Carrickfergus KnightsRunning Back1
Matthew Glenthumb_UCDlogo UCDRunning Back1
Mike MullalyUniversity of Limerick Vikings UL VikingsKicker1


NameTeamPositionTD2 PAT
Conor O'Dwyerthumb_TCDlogo TrinityTight End6
Paul GroganDublin Rebels Dublin RebelsWide Receiver31
Marty CaskeyCarrickfergus Knights Carrickfergus KnightsWide Receiver3
David ColvinTrojansTsmall Belfast TrojansRunning Back/Wide Receiver3
Liam JeterDublin Rebels Dublin RebelsWide Receiver21
Dave Bennetthumb_UCDlogo UCDWide Receiver2
Ray BourkeUniversity of Limerick Vikings UL VikingsWide Receiver2
Conor FearonTrojansTsmall Belfast TrojansTight End2
Sean LeamyDublin Rebels Dublin RebelsRunning Back2
Jack MillarTrojansTsmall Belfast TrojansWide Receiver2
Aodhan Mullanthumb_UCDlogo UCDWide Receiver2
David RichardsonTrojansTsmall Belfast TrojansWide Receiver2
Conrad SmithCraigavon Cowboys Craigavon CowboysTight End11
Luis AlbertoCraigavon Cowboys Craigavon CowboysWide Receiver1
Steven Culliganthumb_UCDlogo UCDWide Receiver1
Sean GoldrickUniversity of Limerick Vikings UL VikingsWide Receiver1
Danny Johnsonthumb_UCDlogo UCDWide Receiver1
John Kellythumb_reapersLogo2 North Kildare ReapersWide Receiver1
Neil McCombTrojansTsmall Belfast TrojansWide Receiver1
Eoin Nevillethumb_panthers South Dublin PanthersWide Receiver1
Gavin Quirkethumb_UCDlogo UCDWide Receiver1
John Quirkethumb_TCDlogo TrinityWide Receiver1
Pavel Rozmanthumb_TCDlogo TrinityWide Receiver1

Special Teams

Mike Mullalythumb_ULlogo UL VikingsKicker74
Rick DuffieldTrojansTsmall Belfast TrojansKicker17
Johnathan SiriTrojansTsmall Belfast TrojansReturner2
Marty CaskeyCarrickfergus Knights Carrickfergus KnightsKicker7
Matt ArmstrongTrojansTsmall Belfast TrojansReturner1
Conor Hanrahanthumb_UCDlogo UCDKicker3
Peter Quinlanthumb_TCDlogo TrinityKicker3
Luis AlbertoCraigavon Cowboys Craigavon CowboysKicker1
James GallagherTrojansTsmall Belfast TrojansKicker1
John Kellythumb_reapersLogo2 North Kildare ReapersKicker1
Phil Tobinthumb_panthers South Dublin PanthersKicker1


Lewis Barrettthumb_UCDlogo UCDSafety1
Conrad CookDublin Rebels Dublin RebelsLinebacker1
Johnathan Cooke1385595_356624587805319_128490252_n Carrickfergus KnightsSafety1
Andy Healythumb_panthers South Dublin PanthersLinebacker1
James Lynamthumb_reapersLogo2 North Kildare ReapersDefensive Line1