FansEdge NIKE NFL Jersey Review

Still in pursuit of a real Nike NFL jersey, I was recommended FansEdge. So I once again put in an order for a Patrick Willis San Francisco 49ers jersey.

This time it was more expensive, the jersey itself cost $99 (about €80), then shipping was $19.99 (about €16), and finally FansEdge gave me the opportunity to pre pay the customs duties and VAT which was an extra $25.67 (about €21). The grand total was $145.65 or just under €120.

Having looked around at a few reviews I knew I could trust FansEdge to carry authentic jerseys and I could return it if the size was wrong.

Five days after I placed my order I received notification it had shipped and the jersey arrived four days later. Instantly I could see a difference between this jersey and the previous one I had received.

The fit is tighter across the chest compared the the old Reebok jerseys, the numbers are printed on (I can only hope the survive a few washes), as is the 49ers logo, and the stitching is noticeably better.

I would wear a large t-shirt and I bought a small mens jersey, it does fit but could be a little looser on the chest.  It looks like a medium may have been the better choice, but to be honest it’s comfortable and it’s nice to have an NFL jersey I don’t have to wear a hoodie under so I don’t think I’ll return it.

The jersey’s fabric also stretches quite a bit, but that could be quite unflattering if it’s too small!

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