The Lingerie Football League is coming to Dublin

The Lingerie Football League is one of the fastest growing leagues in the world at the moment and in 2014 there are plans to start a European division with one team in Dublin.

Lingerie football started in 2003 as the Lingerie Bowl, an alternate to the Super Bowl half time show, but in the last nine years has developed into a full contact, seven aside, indoor football league. The league started in 2009, after six Lingerie Bowls, founder Mitch Mortaza set up a ten team, 20 week league culminating in Lingerie Bowl VII where the Los Angeles Temptation defeated the Chicago Bliss 27–14.

From there the LFL agreed to a deal with MTV2 to broadcast 20 games and playoff highlights. The 2010 season finished with the Los Angeles Temptation winning another Bowl, this time beating Philadelphia Passion 26–25.

Lingerie Bowl IX was played in February 2012 and the LA Temptation won their third consecutive Lingerie Bowl, beating the Passion 28-6.

The now 12 team LFL has decided to move away from it’s fall football schedule and the 2013 league has been moved to April 2013.

Last year the LFL expanded to set up a four team, eight week schedule LFL Canada League, while 2013 will see the first year of LFL Australia. LFL Australia’s four inaugural teams are set to be Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

In 2014 the LFL plans to expand once again, this time to Europe with teams set for Dublin, Barcelona, Frankfurt, Rhein and Manchester. The winners of all four leagues (US, Canada, Australia, Europe) will all compete in the annual LFL World Bowl in Sao Paulo Brazil, Saturday, July 19, 2014.

The game itself is seven aside, with only 14 players allowed active on game day. Each half is 17 minutes long and in the event of a tie there are one or more 8 minute sudden death overtime periods. The LFL field is 50 yards long, with 8 yard end zones and 30 yards across.

There is a kick off to start both halves but there are no field goals or punting allowed. After a touchdown the scoring team can either go for a one point conversion from the one or a two point conversion from the three yard line.

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