Stephen O’Brien Interviews Abdul Foster

Arian Foster is not just a football player. The man who has been branded ‘the most interesting man in the NFL’ is not only a record breaking running back, but a scholar and family man. There is a heart warming video of Arian in a press conference where he breaks down in tears over his multi million dollar contract. He tells a story of how his mother sold her wedding ring just to put food on the table and his tears are in the joy of knowing that he will be able to provide for his family. It is this grounded, down to earth attitude that has shocked onlookers. How can a man with seemingly endless talent, a big contract and all that fame not have an ego the size of Texas? Well, after I spoke with Arian’s brother Abdul, I realised that this is just the way the Foster family operate; this is who they are.

Abdul Foster is a very successful businessman. He trains the elite of the NFL through his company Elite Life Training. He didn’t simply start his business off the back of his brother’s success; he was already training athletes to a high level before becoming his brother’s trainer. He was an extremely accomplished track star in High School and won a full athletic scholarship to Florida A&M. All of this on your resume would give you the licence to have an ego and an attitude filled with bravado and swagger. Not Abdul. On speaking with him, I was shown within the first sentence that he is such a humble, grounded man. All of Abdul’s answers were honest, thought provoking and consistent with the philosophy that the true values in life are ones of evolution, learning, family and priorities. He is that type of person that you just hang off every word because he has a way of opening up to you and telling you who he is in a real honest way.

In the interview, we talk about his career and its beginnings. We talk about Arian and his motivations along with what two things that matter to him the most in his career. You will see that the consistent theme throughout is one of evolution and perspective, one of forward thinking and positivity.

If you want to know more about Abdul, just visit his site at and be sure to follow him on Twitter @AbdulFoster if you want some motivation on your newsfeed!