Justin Smith to receive surgery after the Super Bowl

Justin Smith intends to play in the Super Bowl this Sunday, risking completely tearing his already half torn triceps tendon before he finally goes for surgery soon after the season ends. Justin Smith has been playing with a brace on his arm for the past two games, restricting his movements. Smith feels more able with every day that passes, stating to reporters this week “I think it heals up, obviously, as more time goes by and it’s feeling better.”

Although this is a huge injury for anyone, particularly for a veteran, Justin Smith has said that he does not intend to retire at the end of the season, hoping instead to teach the younger players and reaching another Super Bowl in the process. He has said that as long as he is playing at a high level, he will continue to play.

With his limited abilities at the moment, San Francisco are still hoping for him to continue to double team with Aldon Smith on Sunday to allow him to continue the hurries and hopefully regain his incredible pass rushing ability to sack the Quarterback.