2013 off-season begins with the opening of the waiver period

The NFL is a Billion Dollar industry, and like all businesses, it never sleeps. Yesterday, the Baltimore Ravens won Super Bowl 47. Today, the NFL off-season begins and with that, the beginning of the waiver period. After the regular season, any team that has made the play-offs is allowed to make cuts, but otherwise the rosters are frozen until the day after the Super Bowl.

Some teams have already taken the opportunity to do so, such as the Detroit Lions who made an immediate jump to waive problematic WR Titus Young, who started messing with the offense because they would not give him the ball often enough. The Pittsburgh Steelers have parted ways with rookie running-back Chris Rainey who was arrested last month for domestic violence. The Steelers made it very clear at that time that when the waiver period was opened, they would be parting ways with Rainey.

Michael Vick is probably the biggest name to crop up with the opening of the waiver period as his contract kicks in on Thursday and he is then guaranteed 3 Million Dollars before the season even begins. New head coach, Chip Kelly will need to decide quickly whether Foles is the future of the franchise, in which case they will cut Vick, or if Vick is to to be held onto for a few more years, in which case they will try to re-negotiate his contract which currently has Vick looking at making 15.5 Million in 2013.

More waivers to follow soon.