NFL Updates March 5th

Revis burns Jets

Darrelle Revis has been given a pretty tough time lately; The Jets talked about trading him but didn’t tell him, they wouldn’t meet his agents at the combine but were trying to shop him, a jets back room employee was quoted saying they were doing fine without him.

Well, Revis has finally started getting his own back. Yesterday in a press conference, when asked about a possible move to the San Francisco 49ers, Darelle Revis said that it “would be an awesome chance to win a ring.” To me this suggests that the Jets aren’t close to a Super Bowl (as we all know) and he’s showing us that even the team are willing to admit just how bad they really are.

Packers decide not to tag Jennings

The Packers were talking about letting Jennings walk when free agency opens and then when franchise season started, they seemed adamant that they would be tagging him and holding onto him for another season. It seams now, that the $11 million guaranteed franchise tag was too high a price to pay for the veteran wide receiver who will turn 30 this year and they have allowed him to slide right through and will be moving onto free agency when that opens next week.

Possible landing spots: Miami Dolphins, Indianapolis Colts

Chiefs re-sign Dwayne Bowe

Dwayne Bowe spent the entirety or last season switching back and forth on his decision to remain a Chief or not next season. Then the end of the season came and he made it fairly clear he wanted out. Cut to a week ago, the Chiefs sign Alex Smith and now Bowe has decided he’s a Chief again. They were all set to use the franchise tag on him to hold onto him for a little while longer, but now that’s not even necessary. Yesterday, Bowe signed a 5-year contract expected to be worth about $11 million a year.

What’s next for Talib?

I expected the Patriots to franchise Aqib Talib, mainly because he has had a very tumultuous off-field career and they seem like they can’t trust him enough to sign him to a multi-year contract. Had they franchised him, it would have been them giving him a chance to prove he deserves a longer contract, but the franchise tag deadline came and went and the Patriots never used it.

This means that unless they have decided to gamble on Talib and offer him a contract by this day next week, he’ll be a free agent and he’ll need to find someone else who might be willing to trust him. There are rumours that the Patriots are looking to come to an agreement with Talib, so we will see in the next week how that pans out.

There are a number of teams that are in need of a new cornerback like Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos, but the likely-hood is that they will all draft in the first round and will not be looking for Talib’s service.

With an extremely talented cornerback draft-class, this could be a long off season for Talib, without a contract from the Patriots.

David Akers to be released

After the worst season of David Akers’ career, kicking 29 field goals in 42 attempts (69% success,) The San Francisco 49ers have made it clear that they will be parting ways with the 38-year old veteran kicker.

According to, the 49ers have decided it would be easier and cheaper for them to look elsewhere. Akers was set to earn a base salary of $3 million next season.