The Minnesota Vikings and All-Pro Running Back Adrian Peterson announced a ‘mutual’ agreement to restructure the final 3 years of his deal. Peterson was due $47.4m over the next three years with nearly all of that due in salary. This huge figure was what proved difficult in shifting the troubled back in a trade earlier in the offseason. Although no details of exactly how the contract was restructured, it is likely Peterson will get more bonus money (lowering the cap hit) and less actual salary, with a big chuck of that due up front. This will suit Peterson who has already turned 30 and the Vikings should they choose to release him later in the deal. Peterson missed all but one game last year due to suspension over child abuse allegations.

Mike Zimmer, Vikings HC

Returning Peterson to the fold after his attempts to orchestrate a trade earlier in the year will prove a coup for Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer and his offence, as they look to add weapons around their young QB in Teddy Bridgewater. The Vikings will look to the Seahawks and see what an experienced and reliable running back can do to take the pressure off a young QB. (Now all they’ll need is a all time top defence)

Peterson won the MVP in 2012 with over 2000 yards, narrowly missing out on on the all time record of Eric Dickersons 2105 yards. If Peterson can be even remotely as productive in 2015 the Vikings will see themselves a force in the NFC North. The Vikings were 14th in rushing 2014 and ranked towards the bottom in passing. Now with his legal issues and injury issues behind him Peterson will be hoping to get back to his 2012 form, one last time in his career.


Published by Steve McDonnell

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