You’re a busy go getter with things to be and places to do right? Don’t have time for long winded pontifications on the modern game well here is our Quick preview of the 2015 Season! Down-Ready-Set-GO!

Buffalo Bills

The Good Mean Run Stopping defence, Le Sean McCoy is a good addition
The Bad Murky at best Quarterback situation and Rex isn’t exactly known for his QB developing abilities
The Prediction 8-8

New York Jets

The Good Revis is back in town and the defence looks solid. Ryan Fitzpatrick is better than Geno
The Bad Ryan Fitzpatrick isn’t very good
The Prediction 3-13

Miami Dolphins

The Good Championship caliber players in a few key spots (Suh, Wake, Pouncey)
The Bad Doubt as to whether Tannehil can hit the next level with a less than jaw dropping receiving corps
The Prediction10-6

New England Patriots

The Good Brady’s suspension overturned and Bill Belichick will be extra Belichicked after fighting the NFL and winning
The Bad A lot of change on defence and a few untested parts. The Pats are going to ship points this year
The Prediction 12-4

Baltimore Ravens

The GoodFlaccos gets it done and the defences is one of the best
The BadThe receivers are not top notch and Forsett, coming off a great season last year is untested with the workload he experienced, will the miles be a problem
The Prediction 9-7

Cincinnati Bengals

The Good Nearly everything is great in Cinci.
The Bad There is no denying it, Andy Dalton won’t win you a championship. #AJMcCarron2016
The Prediction 10-6

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Good Offence is primed to be huge (after everyone gets back from suspension)
The Bad Those suspensions will cost them early momentum and a switch in Defensive styles could take time to bed in.
The Prediction9-7 (If they make the playoffs, they’ll be in with a big shot)

Cleveland Browns

The Good LeBron is back in the Cleveland!
The Bad You’re the Browns!
The Prediction 2-14

Houston Texans

The Good The defence, if it can stay healthy, will be immense
The Bad Foster out early will hurt them, offence lacking any real threat.
The Prediction 6-10

Tennessee Titans

The Good Marcus Mariota and the other young talent will provide highlights
The Bad They’ll also suck and make big mistakes.
The Predcition 4-12

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Good Bortles should be better again and the Jaguars should be a little less hopeless
The Bad We don’t feel we can cover this in one sentence….a lot
The Prediction 5-11

Indianapolis Colts

The Good The Colts have added lots of great pieces. Win now time
The Bad The whole division tried to draft pass rushers…Andrew has a target on his back
The Prediction13-3

San Diego Chargers

The GoodPhilip Rivers and some exciting RBs & Receivers.
The Bad Front 7 is shaky.
The Prediction 9-7

Denver Broncos

The Good Manning, Sanders and Thomas and a host of RBs going to keep the Broncos scoring
The Bad D-Line is iffy and not much depth at receiver
The Prediction 10-6

Kansas City Chiefs

The GoodShould have at least 1 WR catch a touchdown this year and Jaamal Charles will score the rest.
The BadCan rush the passer like no ones business but can’t stop the run.
The Prediction 8-8

Oakland Raiders

The Good You’ll be in LA soon (and we suppose Derek Carr looks ok but…)
The BadCarrs numbers go in the toilet when he’s forced to throw under pressure and if we’ve noticed we’re pretty sure there is 13 defensive co-ordinators who’ve noticed as well.
The Prediction 5-11

Dallas Cowboys

The GoodRomo healthy, Dez signed (and rule changed) most of all that Offensive Line is in great shape!
The Bad Demarco Murray a victim of Dez’s contract and Hardy will be sitting out 4 games on a defence that needs him
The Prediction10-6

New York Giants

The GoodOdell Beckham has 2 hands with which he can make all those spectacular catches with & the defence is (a finger light) in good nick.
The BadOffensive line can’t run block and no blockbuster backs
The Prediction 7-9

Philadelphia Eagles

The GoodChip might actually have a genuine QB now and Kiko Alonso makes any defence better by a big margin
The BadSam Bradfords surgically repaired knee.
The Prediction10-6

Washington Redskins

The Good …Ryan Kerrigan will be fun to watch, maybe Alfred Morris
The Bad Strap in Skins fans, it’s going to be rough everywhere else!
The Prediction 4-12

Chicago Bears

The Good Jay Cutler will be better with Adam Gase steering the ship and Matt Forte will be Matt Forte
The Bad The OL ain’t going to give either of them much help and Kevin White got injured!
The Prediction 8-8

Minnesota Vikings

The Good Teddy B looks to be the real deal and thats coming from Opponents. The Vikings will be sneaky good this year
The BadThe OL was shaky last year and the pieces they’ve brought in are untested
The Prediction 9-7

Green Bay Packers

The Good Theres a lot but Aaron Rodgers is right at his peak keeping the Packers window open
The BadDefence can’t tackle!
The Prediction 12-4

Detroit Lions

The Good They call him Megatron! Abdullah looks a good pick up too and Defence is nasty as ever
The Bad They lost Suh and the OL will have to step up to the level of the rest of the team
The Prediction 10-6

New Orleans Saints

The Good Drew Brees was one of the Best QBs around last year and his OL were awful
The Bad See above and Defence comically bad covering the pass
The Prediction 10-6

Atlanta Falcons

The Good Dan Quinn is going to sort out this defence and their schedule is easy!
The BadCovering the pass and blocking for the run are two things this team don’t do well
The Prediction9-7

Carolina Panthers

The GoodThey’re pretty good all round.
The Bad They’re not very good anywhere! Average team stuck in mediocrity
The Prediction 8-8

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Good Doug Martin should take some pressure off Jameis and Mike Evans will be dominant
The Bad Can’t stop the run or cover the pass particularly well and Winston is going to throw a lot of picks!
The Prediction 4-10

Arizona Cardinals

The Good Horrendously unlucky with injuries last year, Offence will improve this year.
The Bad OL have trouble establishing the run and everyone is going to put 3 guys on Larry
The Prediction 10-6

San Francisco 49ers

The GoodNew OC will improve the a 49ers offences that was struggling under the weight of the Greg Roman scheme
The Bad Nothing to be excited about, this is a team that is about to get demolished and rebuilt
The Prediction 6-10

St. Louis Rams

The Good Nifty pass rush and a quite decent run stopper defence
The Bad Can’t do much else well, Gurley still out and Foles is a downgrade on Bradford
The Prediction 4-12

Seattle Seahawks

The Good How do the best get better, lump Jimmy Friggin Graham in there!
The Bad Chancellors hold out could turn nasty as they can’t pay all of the LOB
The Prediction 12-4

Published by Steve McDonnell

Steve is the Editor of NFL-Ireland. A Green Bay Packers fan and a IAFL Coach and Player.