NFL Betting Preview – Week 1 TV Games


The Spread: Green Bay -6.5

The Total: Under 49

The First Touchdown: Randall Cobb

Why: A tough total in Chicago, but Green Bay look good things despite the loss of Jordy Nelson. The man under centre for Green Bay will be on MVP ballots at the end of the year, though they may lean on Eddie Lacy against a porous Bear run defence. For Chicago, Jay Cutler has a 13:22 TD:INT ratio against Dom Capers-led Packers defence and Alshon Jeffrey could miss the opener as well. Expect a lot of Matt Forte (what’s new?) while Martellus Bennett could be the top passing game option.


The Spread: Denver -4.5

The Total: Under 48.5

The First Touchdown: CJ Anderson

Why: The Broncos defense ranked No. 2 against the run and No. 9 against the pass last year and the trio of DeMarcus Ware, Vonn Miller and rookie Shane Ray could be the best pass-rush trio in the league. Joe Flacco’s top target this term is 36-year-old Steve Smith and he’ll be up against the stingy Aqib Talib and Chris Harris. With Gary Kubiak running the show in Denver, look for Peyton Manning to be  handing off a whole lot more this term.


The Spread: New York +6

The Total: Over 51.5

The First Touchdown: Odell Beckham Jnr

Why: ODB made his name with THAT catch against Brandon Carr and the Cowboys last term. But it was his 7 games over 100+ yards receiving that really propelled him and he could be the leading wideout come season’s end. Greg Hardy doesn’t play till week so the pass rush could still be suspect for Dallas, however Tony Romo and Dez Bryant should pick up where they left off last term. Shootout potential under the lights on Sunday night.


The Spread: Philadelphia -3

The Total: Over 55

The First Touchdown: Nelson Agholor

Why: Another shootout in store for the opener on Monday Night Football. Sam Bradford is a significant upgrade on Mark  Sanchez and Nick Foles but will he stay healthy? If he does this Eagles team will be one of the most high-scoring units in football. Jordan Matthews is ready for his breakout year out of the slot in Chip Kelly’s hyper-speed offence, while DeMarco Murray and Ryan Matthews provide a perfect one-two punch. New OC Kyle Shanahan will make Julio Jones one of the most targeted WR’s this term and look for him to have joy against a porous Eagle secondary.


The Spread: Minnesota -2.5

The Total: Under 41.5

The First Touchdown: Charles Johnson

Why: A one for the purists to close out week 1. With Adrian Peterson back, expect the Vikings to be even more run-heavy than usual, though they will be missing stalwarts John Sullivan and Phil Loadholt off the offensive line. Mike Wallace’s addition gives Teddy Bridgewater a field-stretcher out wide and the Vikes will make the playoffs under Coach of the Year Mike Zimmer. The Niners will finish the season with a top five draft pick, though NaVorro Bowman’s return will see him contender for Comeback Player of the Year.

Chalk Talk Steelers vs Patriots

The Patriots season got off to a great start in the early hours of this morning dismissing the Steelers 28-21. The Steelers offence showed some great signs but missing some vital parts and giving away too many penalties (yes we’re looking at you Left Tackle Kevin Beachum) they never really tested the Patriots other than some promising momentum in the 3rd quarter.

If you’ve got Rob Gronkowski on your fantasy team you’ve woken up to a great morning as he hauled in 3 touchdowns. This is going to be a bumper year for the tightend, not because he’s finally healthy (which he is) but he’s got a new team mate who is going to get Josh McDaniels offence back to it’s best. That team mate, former Buffalo Bill Tightend Scott Chandler.

Ravens fans will tell you the Patriots can get funky (and now illegal) with formations and last night, after the rule changed robbed them of that opportunity, they got very funky on the Steelers with personnel packages and scored two touchdowns.

Chalk Talk

Early in the 3rd quarter, following an 8 play drive and a pass interference penalty on the defence, the Patriots found themselves on the Steelers goal line. They sent out their goal line personnel. 4 Tightends, no wide receivers and a running back. In the picture you can see #47 Michael Hoomanawanui in motion. #88 Scott Chandler is lined up in the back field as a full back. #85 Michael Williams is down in a 3 point stance on the far side of the formation and #87 Rob Gronkowski is on the near side.

The Steelers matched them sending out a bunch of run stopping linebackers, leaving only #20 Will Allen in the game as the only defensive back. He’s highlighted above. When #47 Michael Hoomanawanui splits out wide, Allen, the sole DB goes with him. Now the fun part…

Chalk Talk 2

#88 Scott Chandler and #87 Rob Gronkowski shift their position and line up in the slot and wide respectively

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 14.18.09

Now the Steelers Goal Line Defence is Defending the Spread formation! Inside Linebacker #94 Lawrence Timmons is now playing the role of a Nickel Defensive Back and situational Linebacker #57 Terence Garvin is outside covering #87 Rob Gronkowski The Patriots run a simple pick play where #87 Rob Gronkowski runs at the man covering #88 Scott Chandler forcing him to back off and give Gronks new team mate space and Receiver in Space + Tom Brady = Touchdown!

Chalk Talk 3

Chalk Talk 4


As most offensive coordinators will tell you, half of their play book is just setting up plays in the other half and so it was with this play because after another Patriots drive and a fumble recovery by Gronksowski on the 1 yard line the Patriots were in a position to be put distance between themsleves and the Steelers and put their first win in the bag. When they dialled up the exact same look again. #47 Michael Hoomanawanui goes in motion and #88 Scott Chandler and #87 Rob Gronkowski shift and the Steelers Goal Line Defence is defending the spread once again with all the same guys covering the same guys again. Except look at #57 Terence Garvin Highlighted below.
Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 14.54.56

He’s signaling an ‘X’ to #94 Lawrence Timmons telling him to expect the pick play, he’s learned his lesson right?

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 15.00.33

Gronk takes a step to the inside to help convince #57 Terence Garvin he’s right and then runs a fade to the back of the end zone…and we know you know the math here….Gronk + Brady + Fade = Touchdown!


And the shuffle and spike!


2015 NFL Quick Preview

You’re a busy go getter with things to be and places to do right? Don’t have time for long winded pontifications on the modern game well here is our Quick preview of the 2015 Season! Down-Ready-Set-GO!

Buffalo Bills

The Good Mean Run Stopping defence, Le Sean McCoy is a good addition
The Bad Murky at best Quarterback situation and Rex isn’t exactly known for his QB developing abilities
The Prediction 8-8

New York Jets

The Good Revis is back in town and the defence looks solid. Ryan Fitzpatrick is better than Geno
The Bad Ryan Fitzpatrick isn’t very good
The Prediction 3-13

Miami Dolphins

The Good Championship caliber players in a few key spots (Suh, Wake, Pouncey)
The Bad Doubt as to whether Tannehil can hit the next level with a less than jaw dropping receiving corps
The Prediction10-6

New England Patriots

The Good Brady’s suspension overturned and Bill Belichick will be extra Belichicked after fighting the NFL and winning
The Bad A lot of change on defence and a few untested parts. The Pats are going to ship points this year
The Prediction 12-4

Baltimore Ravens

The GoodFlaccos gets it done and the defences is one of the best
The BadThe receivers are not top notch and Forsett, coming off a great season last year is untested with the workload he experienced, will the miles be a problem
The Prediction 9-7

Cincinnati Bengals

The Good Nearly everything is great in Cinci.
The Bad There is no denying it, Andy Dalton won’t win you a championship. #AJMcCarron2016
The Prediction 10-6

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Good Offence is primed to be huge (after everyone gets back from suspension)
The Bad Those suspensions will cost them early momentum and a switch in Defensive styles could take time to bed in.
The Prediction9-7 (If they make the playoffs, they’ll be in with a big shot)

Cleveland Browns

The Good LeBron is back in the Cleveland!
The Bad You’re the Browns!
The Prediction 2-14

Houston Texans

The Good The defence, if it can stay healthy, will be immense
The Bad Foster out early will hurt them, offence lacking any real threat.
The Prediction 6-10

Tennessee Titans

The Good Marcus Mariota and the other young talent will provide highlights
The Bad They’ll also suck and make big mistakes.
The Predcition 4-12

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Good Bortles should be better again and the Jaguars should be a little less hopeless
The Bad We don’t feel we can cover this in one sentence….a lot
The Prediction 5-11

Indianapolis Colts

The Good The Colts have added lots of great pieces. Win now time
The Bad The whole division tried to draft pass rushers…Andrew has a target on his back
The Prediction13-3

San Diego Chargers

The GoodPhilip Rivers and some exciting RBs & Receivers.
The Bad Front 7 is shaky.
The Prediction 9-7

Denver Broncos

The Good Manning, Sanders and Thomas and a host of RBs going to keep the Broncos scoring
The Bad D-Line is iffy and not much depth at receiver
The Prediction 10-6

Kansas City Chiefs

The GoodShould have at least 1 WR catch a touchdown this year and Jaamal Charles will score the rest.
The BadCan rush the passer like no ones business but can’t stop the run.
The Prediction 8-8

Oakland Raiders

The Good You’ll be in LA soon (and we suppose Derek Carr looks ok but…)
The BadCarrs numbers go in the toilet when he’s forced to throw under pressure and if we’ve noticed we’re pretty sure there is 13 defensive co-ordinators who’ve noticed as well.
The Prediction 5-11

Dallas Cowboys

The GoodRomo healthy, Dez signed (and rule changed) most of all that Offensive Line is in great shape!
The Bad Demarco Murray a victim of Dez’s contract and Hardy will be sitting out 4 games on a defence that needs him
The Prediction10-6

New York Giants

The GoodOdell Beckham has 2 hands with which he can make all those spectacular catches with & the defence is (a finger light) in good nick.
The BadOffensive line can’t run block and no blockbuster backs
The Prediction 7-9

Philadelphia Eagles

The GoodChip might actually have a genuine QB now and Kiko Alonso makes any defence better by a big margin
The BadSam Bradfords surgically repaired knee.
The Prediction10-6

Washington Redskins

The Good …Ryan Kerrigan will be fun to watch, maybe Alfred Morris
The Bad Strap in Skins fans, it’s going to be rough everywhere else!
The Prediction 4-12

Chicago Bears

The Good Jay Cutler will be better with Adam Gase steering the ship and Matt Forte will be Matt Forte
The Bad The OL ain’t going to give either of them much help and Kevin White got injured!
The Prediction 8-8

Minnesota Vikings

The Good Teddy B looks to be the real deal and thats coming from Opponents. The Vikings will be sneaky good this year
The BadThe OL was shaky last year and the pieces they’ve brought in are untested
The Prediction 9-7

Green Bay Packers

The Good Theres a lot but Aaron Rodgers is right at his peak keeping the Packers window open
The BadDefence can’t tackle!
The Prediction 12-4

Detroit Lions

The Good They call him Megatron! Abdullah looks a good pick up too and Defence is nasty as ever
The Bad They lost Suh and the OL will have to step up to the level of the rest of the team
The Prediction 10-6

New Orleans Saints

The Good Drew Brees was one of the Best QBs around last year and his OL were awful
The Bad See above and Defence comically bad covering the pass
The Prediction 10-6

Atlanta Falcons

The Good Dan Quinn is going to sort out this defence and their schedule is easy!
The BadCovering the pass and blocking for the run are two things this team don’t do well
The Prediction9-7

Carolina Panthers

The GoodThey’re pretty good all round.
The Bad They’re not very good anywhere! Average team stuck in mediocrity
The Prediction 8-8

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Good Doug Martin should take some pressure off Jameis and Mike Evans will be dominant
The Bad Can’t stop the run or cover the pass particularly well and Winston is going to throw a lot of picks!
The Prediction 4-10

Arizona Cardinals

The Good Horrendously unlucky with injuries last year, Offence will improve this year.
The Bad OL have trouble establishing the run and everyone is going to put 3 guys on Larry
The Prediction 10-6

San Francisco 49ers

The GoodNew OC will improve the a 49ers offences that was struggling under the weight of the Greg Roman scheme
The Bad Nothing to be excited about, this is a team that is about to get demolished and rebuilt
The Prediction 6-10

St. Louis Rams

The Good Nifty pass rush and a quite decent run stopper defence
The Bad Can’t do much else well, Gurley still out and Foles is a downgrade on Bradford
The Prediction 4-12

Seattle Seahawks

The Good How do the best get better, lump Jimmy Friggin Graham in there!
The Bad Chancellors hold out could turn nasty as they can’t pay all of the LOB
The Prediction 12-4

Week 1 TV Listings


[column size=’1/2′]

Friday September 11th 1:30am

Sky Sports 1
Pittsburgh Steelers @ New England Patriots

Sunday September 13th

Sky Sports 3


Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears


Baltimore Ravens @ Denver Broncos

Monday September 14th

Sky Sports 3


New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys

Tuesday September 15th

Sky Sports 1


Philadelphia Eagles @ Atlanta Falcons


Minnesota Vikings @ San Francisco 49ers[/column]

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Heisman Trophy: Betting Preview

Recent history suggests a quarterback will land college football’s most prestigious award, with the last five and eight of the last nine lining up under centre. However a couple of running backs for big schools could be set for huge years.

Nick Chubb @ 12/1 – Skybet & Bet365

A huge season for Chubb with the Georgia Bulldogs last season, despite having to play second fiddle to Todd Gurley early doors. Averaged a whopping 7.1 yards per carry and destroyed Louisville in the Belk Bowl going for 266 yards at 8.1 YPC. His offensive line features three returning starters including two seniors.

Leonard Fournette @ 12/1 – Paddy Power

Somewhat underwhelming season last year for the number 1 recruit. Made it hard work for himself after striking the Heismann pose in his second every game against lowly FCS school Sam Houston State. Integral part of LSU’s SEC wins over Florida, Ole Miss and Texas A&M and also shredded Notre Dame for 143 yards on only 11 carries in the bowl game. Hopefully he has matured since his Heismann pose and Les Miles really feeds the former number 1 recruit the ball this season.

Those bets may well be for nothing if favourite Trevone Boykin has a great year with TCU. He fits the mold of the recent Heismann winners i.e. dual-threat quarterback (Mariota, Manziel, Tebow). With that said we should add a signal caller to the mix for interest…

DeShaun Watson @ 28/1 – Coral

Extensive playing time as a true freshman last season at Clemson despite being severely hampered by injuries. Started the season as the #2 but was soon given the starters gig for game 4 vs UNC and proceeded to light it up, throwing six touchdowns and over 400 yards. A week 6 injury derailed what was turning into an impressive campaign for Watson. He would start only one further game late in the season against rivals South Carolina, playing with a torn ACL, Despite the injury he led Clemson to an impressive one, tallying four total touchdowns without turning the ball over. Off-season ACL surgery has gone smoothly and 28/1 looks too big for a player with a skillset similar to the market leaders at the position – Boykin and Prescott.

Mark McGrath: ‘We’re champions and we will fight for that title’.

Mark McGrath: ‘We’re champions and we will fight for that title’.

Three consecutive Shamrock Bowl titles is an impressive feat but for the Belfast Trojans, they have bigger aspirations. Today, they enter Dalymount Park with only one thought in mind; to win again. Victory today would see them surpass the UL Vikings in Shamrock Bowl wins as the Trojans look to put themselves into the elite status of football in Ireland. Ahead of the game, we got chatting to Head Coach Mark McGrath about the teams preparation ahead of kickoff.

The Trojans have looked unstoppable at times this season, showing clinical production on offence coupled with the ever reliable shutout defence. It’s been their third unbeaten year in the last four and signs are already pointing to more success in the future. The defending champions are itching to get going!

‘The squad is feeling excited and impatient about the final’, said McGrath, ‘We have our game plan in place and can’t wait for kickoff!’

Photo by Dave Bradshaw
Photo by Dave Bradshaw

The ‘Green Machine’ have had terrific depth in their squad for the last number of years, stacked in quality and Irish National team calibre players. If the past teams were good, it’s scary to think of the potential this years team possesses. Mark, who plays on both offence and defence, claims that compared to the other successful rosters in the past; the 2015 squad could be the best one.

‘In my opinion this years squad is our strongest to date. We have good depth in our squad, our D is formidable but what makes us different this year from others is how well our O has performed.’

The Trojans came out victors in last years final 7-0, overcoming the rain and gruesome weather to narrowly defeat this weekends opponents, Trinity College. Although they won the game, there is still plenty to be learnt from last seasons showpiece as Connor Whitla’s pick 6 was all that could separate the sides in difficult conditions, as the game so easily could have had opposite fortunes for the defending champions.

‘The main thing I have taken from last years final, and the regular season games before it, is that Trinity cannot be underestimated. We will need to bring our A game to beat them. We will be looking for our defence to step up again and play as well as they did last year. As for the offence, we moved the ball well in tough conditions last year but we will be hoping to put points on the board this year regardless of the weather’.

Belfast go about business in commanding and professional fashion. They set the bar high for rival teams to reach their standards year after year. With the upcoming rookies clinching the IAFL-2 trophy last weekend, the winning mentality established within the team has already worked its way through the entire squad. However, for a team that has had great amounts of success in recent years, how do you motivate a winning team to keep going?

Photo by Dave Bradshaw
Photo by Dave Bradshaw

‘Complacency is a big problem to fight, fortunately our team is full of very competitive guys who will push each other, which makes my job as Coach much easier. We try to keep training fresh and interesting and having an extra six games for our rookies to play in has really helped keep the squad focused. At this stage of the season it’s win or go home and my guys don’t need much motivation from me. We’re champions and we will fight for that title because it’s who we are.’

Trinity College will post as difficult opposition to face, as the last two encounters between the pair have proven. It’s been a terrific year for reigning champions, but it all comes down to one game to prove they are the best in the country. Both sides will be filled with emotion, nerves but a lot of optimism and so they should be. They have had great seasons up to this point, but only one team can take home the biggest honour in Irish American Football.

10426317_10206641052485211_5535856864618686332_nMark knows what his team is capable of producing, as his side enter the battlefield ‘one more time’.

‘Obviously, Trinity are a very talented outfit but keys to victory for me are to play Trojan football. If we play our brand of football, there isn’t a team on this island that can beat us. This game, like the 3 before it is in our hands to win or lose and I personally can’t wait until the game to see my team lift another Shamrock Bowl!’

The Shamrock Bowl kicks off at 3pm today from Dalymount Park, Dublin.

Rob McDowell: I genuinely couldn’t be prouder of this TCD squad.

Rob McDowell: I genuinely couldn’t be prouder of this TCD squad

One of the most iconic American Football players in the IAFL, Rob McDowell has amazed us with his fantastic footballing ability for the last six years as his speed and skill have made him arguably the best player in the country over recent times. He has achieved plenty of recognition during that period, from national team call ups to the 2014 MVP award. Despite all that he has achieved, there is still one accolade that alludes him; the Shamrock Bowl trophy.

Trinity College enter Sunday on the back of a solid (7-1) campaign that included the 22-0 victory over the Dublin Rebels in the semi-finals. The students started 2015 slowly, but quickly turned on the jets that eventually saw them defend their SBC South crown.

After enduring 5 games in 8 weeks to complete a busy end to the regular season, fatigue may be slowly starting to settle in, but there is an air of excitement throughout the TCD camp ahead of the final and everyone is ready for the task at hand.

‘Physically? I feel terrible! I think I actually felt better with a torn ACL at the end of 2013 than I do now [ha]. Mentally, great. I’d be lying if I said there are no nerves, but mostly I’m excited. It’s great to get to play infront of actual supporters in a game that really means something.’ 

‘I think this season has been the most impressive performance by a TCD team in the 6 years I’ve been playing. Things weren’t exactly looking great at the start, To lose three in a row – Shamrock Bowl, College Championship and the season opener to the Vikings – was not how we pictured launching this campaign. But in hindsight I believe it was the start we needed.’

‘We didn’t really have to fight last year; but in the game with the Rebels we had to claw our way back, and it really bonded us – we gained a huge amount of trust and confidence in each other and it’s carried through the entire season.’

This weekend’s encounter will be only the second time the students have reached the coveted Bowl game, having fallen to this weekends opponents the Belfast Trojans 7-0 last year. Trinity were much fancied for last years title after a blistering season and although this year has proving seemingly more challenging, Rob still feels this team can go all the way.


Photo by Charisse Mae Ducao
Photo by Charisse Mae Ducao
‘Last season things just clicked for us in a way we couldn’t have expected going into it. That unbeaten run, taking down the Trojans away, beating the Rebels for the first time in club history to clinch our first ever playoff win, it was a lot. Any team that has traditionally been a mid-tier contender and on the end of a lot of heavy beatings is going to be proud of those achievements and unfortunately I think as a team we carried a little bit of hubris into the finals and even into the two losses that followed.’

‘We’ve been through a considerably tighter season than last year but its built a much more effective team. It will be a tough game undoubtedly but I’d expect nothing less from a side like the Trojans.

‘Our defence in particular is a massively overlooked strength of the team. We don’t post as many shutouts as the Trojans do, but when it comes to the big games and we have our full D out there, it’s scary! Brian O’Driscoll (CB) knows as much, if not more about football than anybody in this league and he brings it to bear as the Defensive Captain. He studies tape more than anyone I know and it pays off.

‘You just have to look at the numbers – at total of 8 points scored against our D in our last 3 postseason games, 0 points conceded against the Trojans offence in our last two match ups. They are a great unit, pretty much nameless and deserving of far more recognition than they garner. But thats fine by me because they all play with a chip on their shoulders and its fun to watch (and occasionally join in with).’


The talent that McDowell possess allows him to be a threat in every facet of the game. Primarily known for being the star running-back, Rob also features as the safety on defence and the dangerous returner on special teams. However, this season he has adopted the more unfamiliar Quarterback position, something he is still getting used to. Understandably, he receives a lot of attention for his ability on the field but he was quick to praise the players around him for helping him improve his game.

Photo by Ariane Boudias
Photo by Ariane Boudias
‘It’s been interesting. You have to approach the game so differently than you would at RB. I actually only played a total of 3 games at QB. I started the season at RB but after racking up a lot of minor injuries, we sat me for the better part of 3 games midway through the season. When Ola went in as the starting RB he absolutely tore it up – 7 touchdowns in three games with 4 or 5 of them scored against two great defences in the Vikings and UCD. There was no point in keeping Ola (and subsequently Brian DuToit: 5 touchdowns in two games) on the bench. Dan Finnamore makes for a great target out wide; he has the size and reach to box out any DBs in this league, so we figured QB was a logical spot to put me in to allow us to keep our best athletes on the field, and keep me somewhat healthy.’

‘I know the O-line were apprehensive about putting me in there though. They’re great pass blockers but I had twitchy feet and tended to bail out of the pocket before it had even formed, and then potentially run back into it 5 or 6 seconds later [haha]. After a while I got used to it and stopped thinking so much like a RB. It helps when you’ve got the receiving core that we have too – a great mix of size, speed and catching ability which really gives a QB a lot of confidence.’

Tomorrow is a huge occasion for football in Ireland, the showpiece that determines the best team in the country. Trinity came incredibly close to winning that honour last year and the misfortune still lingers. One of the defining moments of the game came at the expense of Rob, when the ball was forced from his grip and recovered by the Trojans that ultimately secured Belfast the title. Rather than let it affect him ahead of the game, Rob sees the lighthearted side of it and knows things could be different this Sunday.

‘Bring a lot of towels. Be adaptable. Carry the ball with my outside arm [haha]. In all seriousness though, last years final was a disaster. A huge portion of the team was playing every phase of the game and we never had a moment off the field to discuss what was going wrong and how to fix it. I think an air of panic set in when we hadn’t scored by the half and having no established coach last season to calm us down was a serious handicap. With Coach Drake on our sidelines this year we’re a much more focused team. He brings a calmness to the group that we desperately needed.’

The weather was a distinct struggle for both teams last year, with torrential rain and lightning making the pitch almost impossible to play on. The forecast is expected to be much better this Sunday, so we should expect a fantastic game of football in the season finale. It’s going to be a true battle this weekend and with memories of last years final still fresh in thought, both sides will know what they need to do to win.

‘Play hard, clear eyes, full hearts, yards and inches and stuff, etc… The gameplan is for us to know and the Trojans to figure out.’


Photo by Ariane Boudias
Photo by Ariane Boudias
Rob McDowell has proven himself to be a gifted athlete when it comes to American Football. Whether he is bursting out blockbuster runs with tremendous pace or evading would-be tacklers with his elusiveness, he has always been able electrify games with his playmaking ability. He admits he is unsure what the future holds for him, but the man dubbed the ‘Human Highlight Reel’ will always be remembered as a great IAFL player, regardless of the decision he chooses to make. He will look to finish this season on a high by helping his side lift their first ever Shamrock Bowl trophy in Dalymount Park on Sunday.

‘I don’t say it to them a whole lot, but I genuinely couldn’t be prouder of this TCD squad – the guys who were here at the start of the season, and those who stepped up to fill their spots when the inevitable summer turnover came around, the 1st year players and the veterans that are left.. every single one of them helped us get back to the Shamrock Bowl. It’s a special team and win or lose I am incredibly grateful to have spent my final season playing with this bunch of guys.’