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IAFA Week 5 Louth Mavericks @ Belfast Trojans We suspect the Mavs will play in the carpark if they have to, this is supposed to be Game three for them! Two games have been postponed on the Louth outfit and football, any football is really overdue at this stage. Belfast

And now the SBC Portion of the preview! IAFA Week 2 Panthers @ Knights The Knights bookended 2015 with two impressive wins. They battered the Cowboys in Week 1 and demolished the Reapers in Week 8. The intervening 6 games were exceptionally forgettable for the Knights. The Panthers set the

The IAFA have announced their schedule today (see it here) and we sat down and wildly speculated to bring you the 2016 Strength of Schedule. First off, the rules; we assigned a number of points denoting how hard that particular team is to play. The higher the points the harder

Week 15 Previews Games, seasons and futures can be decided in moments this time of year. Teams certain of security can make one slip and be facing the IAFL 1 quick sand. Teams wondering who their playoff opponents will be get caught looking the wrong way and their football is
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IAFL Week 11: Game Previews Our Game Previews and American Football returns to its full compliment as we once again have an action packed weekend of games, with 6 fixtures across 3 tiers to sink our teeth into. We have 3 interdivisional SBC games on hand, 2 very important IAFL-1
Power Rankings

Photo by Jason Toher Power Rankings for the whole IAFL! We’ll be quick, there’s football today! 1.  – UL Vikings A surprise to see the Trojans not occupy the top spot? UL have had the tougher start and as of now have 5 wins under their belt and games in hand

Trinity bounced back from their 52-18 defeat to the Dublin Rebels with a close 3 point win over the visiting Carrickfergus Knights.

The Carrikfergus Knights opened their season with a win in a closer than predicted game against UCD in Belfield, Dublin. Here’s a quick report on the action.

Carrickfergus Knights 13 Р8 UCD, Belfield, Dublin Cork Admirals 6 Р20 Dublin Rebels, Sportslink, Dublin Dublin Dragons 0 Р19 Tullamore Phoenix, Tullamore RFC, Offaly

Three fixtures this week for IAFL fans, make sure to get out and support your local team! We’re going to check out the UCD game, which is your game of the weekend?