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Paul Grogan: ‘This is why we play football!’ The Dublin Rebels are Ireland’s most successful American Football team. Founded in 1995, the Rebels have gone on to win 7 National Champions and several European accolades on their way to greatness. This Sunday at Seapoint Rugby Club, they will be hoping

Week 11 comes to IAFL 1 & 2 with varying degrees of importance. In the IAFL 1, three teams move to the midseason point, and in IAFL 2 the Vipers look to for some improvement over their first game, any improvement at all. Meath Bulldogs (1-2) @ Dundalk Mavericks (1-2)
American Football Ireland

IAFL Week 11: Game Previews Our Game Previews and American Football returns to its full compliment as we once again have an action packed weekend of games, with 6 fixtures across 3 tiers to sink our teeth into. We have 3 interdivisional SBC games on hand, 2 very important IAFL-1
Power Rankings

Photo by Jason Toher Power Rankings for the whole IAFL! We’ll be quick, there’s football today! 1.  – UL Vikings A surprise to see the Trojans not occupy the top spot? UL have had the tougher start and as of now have 5 wins under their belt and games in hand

Getting to know the Donegal/Derry Vipers! The Donegal/Derry Vipers are mere days away from making their first competitive debut in the IAFL. It has been a busy 6-8 months for the rookies and a lot of hard work has happened behind the scenes as they ready themselves for Sunday’s big

photo by Ariane Boudias The current Irish National Champions, the Belfast Trojans will be travelling across the pond this weekend to face the elite side of Scottish Football, the East Kilbride Pirates. With the IAFL season well underway and the BAFANL only a week young, this was a great opportunity

photo by John Whealan We were wandering around NFL-Ireland towers this week and we thought to ourselves ‘Don’t we usually have previews done by now’ and then we remember this happened… This is Scott Morrow and he normally writes our previews and someone broke his leg for him playing football.

With a break in the schedule and all but the IAFL 2 underway we thought this pause would be a terrific opportunity to take on our first power rankings of the year. Based entirely on our own opinion and the opinions of some trusted advisors, if you disagree with these

Team of the Week Following an interesting Week 3, Week 4 was quite simply an incredible week in the IAFL. There was some unexpected results, a match in which spectators witnessed arguably the greatest comeback in league history and an overall dominant display from offences around the country, with a total of

Photograph Mullingar Minotaurs Facebook. Following UCDs steamrolling the division in 2014, the teams competing for honours in IAFL 1 will look to 2015 as a renewed opportunity to shine. With Waterford back in the pack and the Titans and Mavericks added to the mix, the brand of football in in