NFL Week 2 – Betting Preview

WEEK 1 RECAP It was a mixed bag on the opening weekend of action. We hit on two out of three selections, with two of our first touchdown scorers (frustratingly) scoring second. Philadelphia turned around a 17-0 deficit to cover the 10.5 pt spread, while the St Louis offence forgot to show up, to see […]

Power Rankings 9-16

Chip Kelly and the Eagles look to push into the elite level of teams but they are 9th in our Power Rankings  #16 Dallas Cowboys Another 8-8 season?  Maybe +/- 2.  The Cowboys are another enigma in the sense that they have the potential to grab another two wins, but also another two losses.  On […]

AFC South 2014 Preview

Can Luck and the Colts reach the promised land? We find out in our AFC South 2014 Preview   Houston Texans You’ve just finished the 2013 season with a 14-game losing streak. Your head coach is gone and you replace him with a steady Bill Belichick disciple. You take a once-in-a-generation athlete with the no.1 […]

NFL Schedule Wallpapers 2014

User dbeat over on r/nfl has created the ultimate NFL schedule wallpapers for the 2014 season. He has iPhone, Android, and Desktop versions available. They all look fantastic. Check out his post here: and his website here: Or check out your team’s wallpaper below: Atlanta Falcons 2014 Schedule Wallpapers Arizona Cardinals 2014 Schedule Wallpapers Baltimore […]

Fantasy Draft Guide 2014 Rounds 4-7

We continue our Fantasy Draft Guide 2014 Rounds 4-7 Round 4 Round 4 is going to see many running backs and receivers going off the board, but Andrew Luck or Julius Thomas are also being taken here in fantasy drafts. Luck continues to improve and gives you a high end QB1 with big upside […]