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Want to play 11 on 11, full contact football?

The  Irish American Football Association has a total of 19 teams competing in 3 Divisions.

  • The elite level Shamrock Bowl Conference (SBC),
  • The second tier, Irish American Football League 1 (IAFL1)
  • The third tier, Irish American Football League 2 (IAFL2)

The SBC is divided into two conferences of 5 teams which culminates in play-offs and ultimately the National Championship Shamrock Bowl.

In IAFL1, 5 teams play each other twice and the top two playoff for promotion to the SBC

The IAFL2 was founded to facilitate the rapid expansion of the sport and allowed new teams play against each other before taking on the more experienced established teams. At the close of the 2014 Season, all of the IAFL2 teams will join the IAFL1.

The playing season runs from late March to mid August.

If you wish to contact any of these teams head over to our team directory by clicking here

The 19 Teams that make up the IAFA are


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SBC North

  1. Belfast Trojans
  2. Dublin Rebels
  3. South Dublin Panthers
  4. Carrickfergus Knights
  5. Craigavon Cowboys


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SBC South

  1. Trinity College  Dublin
  2. University of Limerick Vikings
  3. West Dublin Rhinos
  4. University College Dublin
  5. North Kildare Reapers


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  1. Tyrone Titans
  2. Cork Admirals
  3. Meath Bulldogs
  4. Waterford Wolves
  5. Mullingar Minotaurs
  6. Dundalk Mavericks


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  1. Donegal/Derry Vipers
  2. Galway Warriors
  3. South Kildare Soldiers



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